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These New Chargers from Anker and RAVPower Offer More Power in a Smaller Package

Tiny wall chargers already exist, but they can usually only pump out 5-10W. With a new technology called gallium nitride, however, those tiny wall chargers can now pump out a lot more power.

Several months ago, Anker introduced the PowerPort Atom series of USB-C wall chargers, the smallest of which is just a tad larger than Apple’s 5W iPhone charger, but packs in 30W of charging power, which is quite incredible. This will let you charge up larger devices than just your smartphone or tablet—possibly a small laptop.

The secret? It uses gallium nitride (GaN) instead of traditional silicon, the latter of which is used in pretty much every electronic product on the market, thanks to how cheap it is. Anker says that gallium nitride allows for simpler circuitry and better efficiency (meaning less heat production), resulting in the smaller size.

The 30W model (called the PD 1) is up on Amazon right now for $29 (although it appears to be sold out currently). Two more from Anker will be available in the future, including a 60W two-port model and a 100W four-port model.

If you can’t wait for a more-powerful wall charger, RAVPower is also selling its own gallium nitride charger, which packs in 45W and is about the size of a deck of cards. For $55, it’ll cost you extra, but it may be worth it in order to charge your larger devices without needing a larger power brick.

via The Verge

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