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Relive Your Favorite Music Concerts with Setify

Setify live concert playlists on Spotify

Have you ever loved the set list at a live concert so much that you wish you could easily listen to it over and over again? Or missed a concert by your favorite artist but still want to hear each song? If so, the web app Setify is worth checking out.

I went to a 311 concert once, and the band played an unreleased song I’d never heard before. With Setify, I was able to find the song and add it to my Spotify playlist. It’s pretty incredible.

Essentially, Setify will let you search concert shows by artist, city, or date from around the world, then display the entire set list for you to view. With one tap, you can turn that entire set list into a playlist on your Spotify, and it even works with Apple Music.

Setify finding a Tool show from 2022

Obviously, the web app won’t have every show or artist, but from my initial impressions, it has an outrageous amount of shows and catalogs. Plus, if Setify can’t find one of the songs from the event, it’ll let you know that it was a one-time cover (like when Tool sang Dancing Queen by Abba here in Las Vegas) or otherwise unavailable in the Spotify library.

When the band Tool came to Las Vegas earlier this year, I had great seats but unfortunately couldn’t attend. Now, I can relive the entire concert on Spotify.

Keep in mind that it may not be able to find every live event, and if you’re looking for a niche band, the results could be limited. Still, any die-hard music fan will love this nifty little Spotify web app.

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Source: Setify

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