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The Absolute Weirdest Junk You Can Buy On Amazon

A man holding out an Amazon box with a melting logo and trippy background.
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When you scroll through Amazon all day, you’re bound to find some weird stuff. And we’ve found some of the strangest things you can imagine. Here’s our collection of the greatest, weirdest, and funniest oddities on Amazon.

Note: If you really want to belly laugh, check the reviews for some of these weird products.

A Teeny-Tiny USB Keyboard Vacuum

The Tiny USB Vacuum
PMT Holdings

Full-sized vacuums are for carpets. If you want to clean your keyboard the right way, you need an outrageously small vacuum that’s powered by a USB cable. And the wonderful PMT Holdings Tiny Vacuum fits the bill.

Yeah, it’s the world’s tiniest vacuum, and it actually works. The suction power isn’t too strong, but hey, this is a novelty item. What did you expect?

PMT Holdings World's Tiniest Vacuum - USB Powered, Strong Suction Power, Includes Brush Attachment

It's an adorable little vacuum. And it kinda works. What more can I say?

Catch Rats with the Power of the Internet

Victor Smartkill rat trap

Here’s a cool business strategy; take any random product and make it smart. It will instantly become an amazing, must-have, beautiful little tool that generates billions of dollars in revenue. Just look at the Victor Smart Kill rat trap.

It’s a smart rat trap with a “100% kill rate,” and it notifies you when a rat is captured and put down. I guess it could come in handy if you have rats in a really narrow part of your home, or something.

If anything, I think a smart possum or raccoon trap would make a bit more sense (without the killing stuff, of course). Getting a notification as soon as you catch a big mammal would save it from starving or getting dehydrated.

Victor M1-2P M1 Smart-Kill Wi-Fi Electronic Mouse Trap-2 Pack,Black

With a 00% kill rate, this smart mouse trap will alert you when it catches a critter.

Print Your Face on the $28 ‘Shark Tank’ Potato

The Potato Parcel---a box full of candy and a potato with someone's head printed on it.
Potato Parcel

Have you ever wanted to order a potato from Amazon? Well, we found something even better; a potato with your face on it.

The Potato Parcel, which was featured on Shark Tank, lets you screen print a person’s face (or a simple message) on a potato. It comes in a box with a bunch of little goodies. And believe it or not, this summary is longer than the pitch that Potato Parcel gave to the Shark Tank crew.

Gift Type (Classy Potato Gift Bundle)

As featured on 'Shark Tank," the Potato Parcel lets you print a face or message on a potato.

It’s a Real Banana Phone!

Someone holding the Bluetooth Banana Phone
Banana Phone

The banana phone meme is nearly 20 years old, but hey, it’s never too late to buy a real banana phone. I mean, it’s actually just a Bluetooth speakerphone, but you can use it to talk to friends or control your voice assistant.

Do kids even know about banana phone? Eh, who cares. They’ll just have to deal with your antics.

Banana Phone Bluetooth Handset for iPhone and Android Mobile Devices (Single Banana)

This Banana Phone connects to your real phone over Bluetooth for taking calls or listening to music.

An NES Controller Combined with a Mouse

The Bitdo NES mouse

Have you ever seen something that looks cool and awful at the same time? Well, the 8Bitdo NES mouse fits the bill. We love 8Bitdo’s products, especially the company’s SN30 Pro+ controller, but this computer mouse elicits a fight or flight response.

Here’s the weird thing; some people really love the 8Bitdo NES mouse. Reviews say that it can take a few days to get used to the buttons (no surprise there), but otherwise, it’s a solid product.

I’ll stick to my Logitech MX Master, but thanks for filling us in, Amazon reviewers.

8Bitdo N30 2.4Ghz Wireless Mouse for PC Windows and macOS

We like 8Bitdo's products, and it seems like some people really enjoy this mouse. But it also looks like a nightmare!

Mount a GoPro on Your Dog

GoPro dog harness on two very disappointed looking dogs

Every GoPro ad has someone flying down a ski slope or biking through the woods. But it’s time for GoPro to pivot—the people have spoken; they want a dog’s-eye view of the world. And they can get it with this official GoPro dog harness.

The wonderful GoPro dog harness lets you strap an action camera to your furry friend’s back or chest.  It’s fully adjustable for dogs 15 to 120 pounds, and it’s probably the easiest way to become TikTok famous. Oh, and let me reiterate, this is an official GoPro product.

For more wacky Amazon pet products, check our roundup of the best tech for pet owners. Not only are there some great products in that article, but the images make me laugh every time.

GoPro Fetch Dog Harness - Official GoPro Mount

If you can't find one of those Boston Dynamics robot dogs, I guess this is the next best thing.

Lizards Can Ride Skateboards?

A lizard photoshopped on a skateboard and wearing a helmet

Let’s say that you own a bearded dragon. Now, pretend for a moment that your bearded dragon is a super-cool teenager. Hypothetically speaking, he’d be a skater boy. And while I’m not telling you to buy your bearded dragon a skateboard, he’s really a cool guy, so he probably knows how to do a sick kickflip.

Do you see where I’m going with this? Of course you do; someone’s selling skateboards for bearded dragons on Amazon.

But I’m going to disappoint you a bit. The skateboard is only five inches long, so it’s way too small for a bearded dragon. And while I’m not a lizard expert, I don’t see a bearded dragon in the photos for this product. It looks like some huge green reptile that’s been photoshopped to the size of a Cheez-It.

Tiibot 6 Pieces Bearded Dragon Accessories Mini Skateboards Helmets Hats Set Bearded Dragon Funny Toy Small Mini Scooter for Hamster Lizard Parrot Reptile

This skateboarding set for bearded dragons looks way too small for bearded dragons. That isn't even a bearded dragon in the picture ... Oh well.

Cut Your Pizza with a Circular Saw!

The Pizzaboss circular saw pizza cutter
Genuine Fred

Slicing pizza with a circular saw is a bad idea. But Genuine Fred made a pizza cutter that looks like a circular saw. It’s a weird idea, but hey, it’s better than cutting into your countertop with a real power tool.

I definitely suggest reading the reviews and FAQs for this pizza cutter. There’s some pretty funny stuff going on in Genuine Fred’s head.

Genuine Fred BOSS 3000 Circular Saw Pizza Wheel

Okay, this one is actually pretty cool.

The Hamburger Phone from ‘Juno’ and ‘Bob’s Burgers’

The hamburger phone

Call the cable company; it’s time to set up a landline! This hamburger phone is just beautiful. It probably sounds like crap, and if you’re old enough, it’s far from the first novelty landline that you’ve encountered. But who cares? It’s a hamburger phone.

I should point out that this phone was featured in Juno, and more recently, Bob’s Burgers. That’s probably the reason why it’s still manufactured. Let’s just hope it doesn’t have the same fate as those Garfield phones that keep washing ashore.

A Hungry, Terrifying Piggy Bank

The scary pink HSTYAIG piggy bank.

You know, I had a motorized piggy bank when I was a kid. But it didn’t look anything like this thing. The novelty “HSTYAIG Money Saving Bank” is a terrifying block with a nasty pink face. It detects when you try to insert a coin in its mouth, and it eats the coin.

I’m not sure who invented this monstrosity, but I’ve seen it on TikTok. And I’m not happy to find it on Amazon—not at all.

A Card Game About Butts

The Bunch of Butts game
Bunch of Butts

While it probably won’t make our best board games list, Bunch of Butts looks pretty fun. I mean, it’s definitely fun to look at. The family-friendly card game forces you and others to yell out the names of different butts (including “plumber butt”) to steal and match cards.

More importantly, Bunch of Butts comes with a big foam butt card holder. This is the kind of thing you can leave on your mantle next to family photos and hand-me-down trinkets. Friends will come over, see the weird foam butt, and ask to play around. Assuming they aren’t weirded out, of course.

Two Tubes Full of Live Ants

Two tubes full of ants.
Nature Gift

If you’ve ever wanted 60 red ants, I guess Amazon has you covered. There are multiple sellers on Amazon who ship tubes of these pests for under $10. You can even store them in the fridge for a few days before you dump them in an ant farm, or whatever.

Sending male ants through the mail is perfectly legal. At least, that’s what some dudes on Reddit told me. My only concern is that these harvester ants … well, they bite really hard, and their venom is stronger than that of a fire ant. So, good luck to the Amazon delivery drivers out there.

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