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Tesla’s Seventh Recall of 2022 Can’t Be Fixed By Software

Tesla Model S parked next to a line of Superchargers
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It might seem like Tesla is always issuing new recalls, but thus far in 2022, every instance involved a software fix. Those updates corrected problems like rolling self-driving rolling stops and incomplete speedometers. This time around, Telsa can’t fix the latest issue with software.

As first reported by Street Insider, this time around, Tesla issued a recall due to faulty hardware. The recall does appear to be limited—only certain 2022 Model Y vehicles are involved. Tesla determined that these vehicles have an issue with the front bumper structure that may alter crash detection. That alteration may lead the Tesla vehicle to “incorrectly deploy the airbag.”

Tesla will replace the front bumper free of charge to correct the problem, and the company is mailing out notification letters which should arrive by September 19th. 2022. Tesla is no stranger to recalls, having issued six already in 2022 alone, but all the previous recalls involved software updates. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) defines recalls, and chooses to include necessary software updates to correct problems in that category.

It’s unclear just how many vehicles will require a new front bumper or which factories built these Model Ys. But Tesla has indicated the recall will only affect a small number of EVs, and it doesn’t expect to expand that number.

via Street Insider

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