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Waze Is Lagging on Android Auto and CarPlay, It’s Not Just You

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Waze is one of the best navigation apps available, which is why I recently left Google Maps for Waze. However, lately, we’ve seen a lot of reports that Waze is lagging and nearly unusable on both Android Auto and CarPlay.

While it’s working great for me, others don’t have the same luck. In fact, there are so many reports of Waze lagging on Google’s forum that it’s now a trending issue. Furthermore, we’ve seen similar comments on the official Waze forum over the last month.

Users mention that Waze starts to become slow, unresponsive, or lag on both CarPlay and Android Auto. This is happening whether navigation is active or not and even appears to be affecting the CarPlay software. Basically, the Waze app starts to lag so much that none of the other on-screen controls work until the user closes Waze completely.

No workaround or fix has been discovered, and the latest app update doesn’t fix things either. Owners could try uninstalling and re-installing Waze, but if it’s a software issue, that won’t help either.

There is some good news, though. One of Google’s Product Experts on the official forum is aware of the problem and sent an internal bug report to the Waze developers. We’re hopeful it’ll get fixed soon, but the rep didn’t share a potential timetable.

Are you experiencing problems with Waze on Android Auto or CarPlay?

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