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The 6 Best Amazon Prime Alternatives of 2022

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Amazon Prime may be the most popular subscription service in the U.S., but there are several other subscription options these days that could be a better fit for you. These six alternatives to Amazon Prime will get you more for your money, whether you need groceries, tech, books, or a new all-purpose online shopping site.

Why Shop Prime Alternatives?

Amazon is one of the most popular shopping sites on the planet—however, its speedy shipping is only getting more expensive as time goes on. You may want to spend money on another subscription service, especially if you only use Prime for ebooks or tech products, which are often more convenient to order elsewhere. Plus, even as early as 2014, Amazon was coming under fire for questionable practices when the FTC investigated unauthorized charges in Amazon’s mobile app.

No matter what you’re shopping for, Amazon isn’t the only place to get it. Other retailers can offer services Prime does not have and may even have more products in specific categories. Retailers specializing in those areas will be better suited to provide support, recommendations, and a tailored shopping experience. If two-day shipping is one of your main motivators, you’ll be happy to hear a growing number of marketplaces offer competitively fast delivery.

6 Best Prime Alternatives

There’s no question Amazon Prime is a highly convenient service, but a one-size-fits-all subscription isn’t always the best way to go. These alternatives have unique features and benefits you may not find on Amazon.

For Tech: BestBuy TotalTech Membership

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There are some fantastic places to buy your favorite tech products outside of Amazon, and BestBuy is one such excellent option. Their TotalTech membership costs $200 per year and includes two-day shipping on all orders, plus way more that Amazon could never offer.

BestBuy TotalTech members get 24/7/365 access to professional Geek Squad tech support, 24 months of product protection, discounts on repairs and tech services, an extended return and exchange window, and free installation. These services are great for products like appliances or TVs.

You’ll even get exclusive TotalTech pricing on many BestBuy products. BestBuy is a reputable tech retailer, too, so you won’t have to worry about accidentally buying a counterfeit laptop or graphics card from a secondhand dealer on Amazon.

BestBuy TotalTech

Discover all the benefits BestBest TotalTech has to offer.

For Groceries: Walmart+

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Amazon can be hit or miss when it comes to groceries. There are some great options if you’re looking for a similar but more consistent grocery delivery service. Walmart+ is a fantastic alternative to Amazon Prime for all things food, pantry, and grocery goods.

For just under $13 per month, Walmart+ members get free shipping with no order minimum, discounts at select gas stations, and same-day delivery on groceries with prices that match local stores. Plus, members get early access to certain sales like Black Friday discounts.

Walmart offers a 30-day free trial, so you can try it out first and make sure you can get all the groceries you want.


Get your groceries delivered to your door with a free 30-day Walmart+ trial today.

For Home Goods: Target RedCard

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Amazon can be a convenient place to buy things like rugs or furniture, but it can also be unreliable, with plenty of low-quality items that will waste your money. Target’s RedCard program is a much better alternative.

Target is a great place to shop for all home goods, from silverware to décor. Their RedCard offers discounts on every Target purchase, plus free two-day shipping on all orders and extended return windows. RedCard is not a subscription service, either. You can choose between a credit or debit card with no annual fee.

If you’re looking for an all-purpose alternative to Amazon Prime, the Target RedCard is the closest comparison, given Target’s wide range of products.

Target RedCard

Get discounts on all things Target.

For Two-Day Shipping: Shoprunner

If you enjoy shopping at luxury and premier retailers, Shoprunner is the perfect substitute for Amazon Prime.

If you enjoy shopping at luxury and premier retailers, Shoprunner is the perfect substitute for Amazon Prime. They offer free two-day shipping on orders within a network of partner stores. You can shop for a range of products in apparel, home goods, food, electronics, pet supplies, and more.

Shoprunner charges an annual fee of $79, but many people qualify for a free membership through one of Shoprunner’s partners, such as PayPal or Chase. You can also try Shoprunner for free for up to three months to see if you like it before paying for a membership.


Get free two-day shipping with Shoprunner

For Audio & eBooks: Scribd

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Called the “Netflix for books” by Forbes, Scribd is a fantastic Prime alternative for people who like to read. One of the perks of Amazon Prime is access to free audiobooks and ebooks, with discounts on both. However, other companies are offering similar services with more content. Scribd has a more extensive library than Amazon Kindle, getting you more reading for your money.

A Scribd membership costs $11.99 per month, which includes access to more reading material than Prime Reading offers. There is no limit to how many books you can read every month. Scribd’s immense catalog includes books, audiobooks, podcasts, magazines, and sheet music. Scribd even has exclusive ebooks written by many popular authors.


Start a 30-day free trial with Scribd

For Physical Books: Barnes & Noble Membership

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Amazon started as a place to buy books online. Today, it is threatening to put brick-and-mortar bookstores out of business worldwide.

If you’re looking for a place to buy physical books that’s not Amazon, try a Barnes & Noble membership. Barnes & Noble has a vast selection of books, plus magazines, games, toys, and home goods. Their membership only costs $25 per year—much less than Prime.

You’ll get 40% off hardcover bestsellers in-store, free shipping with no order minimum, 10% off all in-store purchases, special offers on your birthday, early access to sales, and exclusive members-only discounts.

Check out what a Barnes & Noble membership can deliver.

Leaving Behind Prime

From tech products and appliances to home goods and ebooks, Amazon Prime has some stiff competition these days. Other subscriptions offer specialized and responsive services to your unique needs. One of these six Amazon Prime alternatives could help you get more for your money and your favorite products.

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