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Give the Gift of Privacy with Mullvad VPN Vouchers, Now Available on Amazon

A Mullvad VPN voucher.
Mullvad VPN

It’s time to try a VPN service without a subscription. Mullvad VPN now sells vouchers on Amazon, which you can use for yourself or your family. Once you redeem a voucher, you get six months of service on up to five devices—no subscription or account required.

Mullvad is a rising star in the world of VPNs. Like all of the best VPN services, it has a strict no-logging policy and is regularly audited by third parties. It also uses secure WireGuard and OpenVPN tunneling protocols.

But notably, Mullvad VPN only takes one-time payments. It doesn’t require an account, and it doesn’t accept subscriptions. This saves you from an annoying cancelation process, and more importantly, it allows Mullvad VPN to operate without customers’ email addresses, passwords, or payment data.

So, in the event of a data breach or subpoena, Mullvad VPN should have very little (if any) of your personal information.

If you or anyone you know needs a solid VPN service, maybe it’s time to order some Mullvad VPN vouchers. They can be redeemed at any time on the Mullvad VPN website, and each voucher provides service for up to five devices, including smartphones.

Mullvad VPN | 5 Devices for 6 Months | Protect Your Privacy with Easy-To-Use Security VPN Service

This voucher gives you six months of Mullvad VPN access on up to five devices. It's an excellent gift with no recurring fees or subscriptions, just a VPN service!

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