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YouTube Music Summer Recap: How to Find Yours

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Similar to Spotify Wrapped playlists, YouTube Music offers yearly and seasonal recaps of all your favorite music, artists, and most enjoyed songs. Recently, Google started teasing that the YouTube Music summer recap was “coming soon,” and now it’s slowly appearing for more users.

Those who enjoy YouTube Music as their streaming service of choice will love these little recaps. With the spring roundup that came out a few months ago (which is still shown in the app,) YouTube Music highlighted your top five songs, artists, playlists, and albums. This gives users a detailed look at their musical history and tastes.

These appear as “cards” in the recap, where you can flip through each category and listen to the music. There’s even a genre card, but it only shows your top three genres instead of the top five like the other cards. Then, as usual, you’ll be able to share those cards with friends and family, giving others ideas on what to listen to next.

Where to Find the Summer Recap

YouTube Music Spring recap

In North America, summer technically ends on Thursday, September 22nd, so this recap is a bit early. However, not everyone will see it right away. YouTube Music will slowly roll out the recaps over the next few weeks, and here’s how to find yours.

First, you should see a “Summer Recap is here” card on the main home feed of the YouTube Music app when you open it. Try scrolling down to refresh the page, and it may appear. Again, this just started rolling out, so if you don’t see it yet, try again in a few days.

Or, users can tap their profile avatar picture in the top right of the app, then select “Your Recap” from the list of options. Here, you should see one or both seasonal recaps. As a reminder, you’ll only get a summer recap if you’ve listened to at least two hours of music between May 20th and the end of summer.

Additionally, go to music.youtube.com in a web browser, select your avatar profile photo at the top right, and select “Your channel.” Here, you’ll see several previous recaps and, hopefully, the latest summer one.

I didn’t see the spring recap on my app until several weeks after the announcement, and the summer playlists aren’t there yet either, so don’t be alarmed if you don’t get it right away. We’re assuming the YouTube Music summer recap will start showing up during the first week or two of September and at the end of the month as summer comes to a close.

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