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The Best Cases For Your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

Several Galaxy Z Flip 4 case styles

Now that the exciting new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is here with its iconic design, you’ll want a case to keep your fancy phone safe from scratches and damage. Getting a case for a folding phone isn’t quite as easy as a regular device. But luckily, several options are available.

Typically, phone cases can deliver extra features like a built-in kickstand, but you won’t need one because the Flip 4 is its own kickstand. That said, several other excellent durable cases will add personality or style and help you keep a better grip on your new phone. The best Galaxy Z Flip 4 cases and covers will protect your phone from life’s daily hazards and come in several fun colors.

Super Strong: Spigen Tough Armor Case (with Hinge Protection)

Spigen Tough Armor case for Z Flip 4

Spigen is one of our favorites and makes several great cases for the Galaxy Z Flip 4. Our first recommendation is the Spigen Tough Armor, as it’s as strong as it gets without being too bulky. Thanks to a dual-layer design, it’ll keep the phone looking new both inside and out.

Each Tough Armor case has reinforced corners, a soft inner lining, and a rugged yet flexible polycarbonate shell. You’ll also notice the flexible hinge protection, ensuring you can snap shut and fold open this phone for years to come.

Super Strong

Spigen Tough Armor [Hinge Protection] Designed for Galaxy Z Flip 4 Case (2022) - Black

Keep your new Galaxy Z Flip 4 safe, protected, and looking fresh with Spigen's tough case.

Official Case: Samsung Silicone Cover with Ring

Samsung Z Flip 4 Ring Case

Some of the best cases you can get for any phone are ones the manufacturer makes themselves. In this situation, Samsung has several excellent cases for the Galaxy Z Flip 4, like this Silicone cover with a built-in carry ring.

Samsung’s silicone cover offers both scratch and drop protection, plus the silicone is antimicrobial. These cases fit like a glove, but you’ll really love the built-in ring. You can put the ring through a finger and ensure a good grip or snap it to a carabiner or purse, so you never lose your Flip. It’s a fun way to carry this little phone. Grab one from our link below in five fun colors.

Official Case

Samsung Silicone Cover with Ring

Get Samsung’s official silicone cover for the Galaxy Z Flip 4. The built-in ring makes it easy to carry with one finger.

Extra Protection: Caseology Parallax 3D Case

Caseology Parallax for Flip 4

Caseology makes many cases in different sizes, shapes, colors, and protection levels for most phones. For the new Galaxy Z Flip 4, you can’t go wrong with the Caseology Parallax 3D protective case.

The Parallax case utilizes a unique 3D textured design with raised edges for an improved grip, not to mention an extra cushion if you ever drop your phone. Even the sides of the case have a rough texture to help owners keep phones securely in their hands. You’ll also notice a raised edge around the cameras and the front cover display to keep things safe.

Extra Protection

Caseology Parallax 3D Case

Caseology's Parallax case offers a unique textured pattern for durability, and it makes the phone easy to hold.

Cover That Screen: Maxdara Hinge and Cover Display Case

Maxdara cover display case for Flip 4

Most cases for the Galaxy Z Flip 4 are about protecting the glass panels outside of the phone. However, the Maxdara Cover case is similar to Spigen’s and offers protection for the hinge mechanism and then some.

The best part of this case is that it’ll also give you protection and privacy on the front Cover display and camera lenses. That’s because there’s a sliding camera cover you can move into place when you want to keep the cameras safe or don’t want the cover screen showing sensitive information. And while this case may add some bulk, it also delivers peace of mind.

Cover That Screen

Maxdara Cover Case

Keep your Galaxy Z Flip 4 safe while also protecting the hinge, cover screen, and cameras with this Maxdara case.

Get a Grip: dbrand GRIP Case for Galaxy Z Flip 4

dbrand Grip for Z Flip 4

While you’re probably familiar with dbrand as the company that makes skins for all your favorite gadgets, dbrand also offers one of the best cases. The official dbrand GRIP case for the Galaxy Z Flip 4 will keep your phone safe and make it harder than ever to accidentally drop.

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 is a slippery phone, so you’ll want the insane amounts of grip this case will offer. In fact, dbrand’s first few grip cases were too grippy, and the company eventually toned it down a bit. Now, it’s a great middle-ground for those wanting protection and peace of mind without a big and bulky case. Get one in several different designs, or add a skin and truly customize your Flip 4.

Get a Grip

dbrand GRIP Case For Z Flip 4

dbrand’s GRIP case has crazy textures on the sides to help you keep ahold of this slippery folding phone.

Strap In: Samsung Silicone Strap Case

Samsung Silicone Strap Case

Samsung’s unique Silicone Strap Case is slowly gaining popularity, and it’ll pair beautifully with the new Galaxy Z Flip 4. With silicone to help protect from bumps and scratches and a strap on the back, your Galaxy Z Flip 4 will stay stylish and safe simultaneously.

People love Samsung’s Strap Case for several reasons. For one, it has a soft-touch matte finish to resist scratches and make the phone easier to hold. Then, you have that adjustable strap on the back that’s comfortable with one, two, or even three fingers through it for a secure grip. Plus, the metal ring at the end makes for a perfect keychain. It’s a strange case, but you’ll probably love it. The company also offers a premium leather Z Flip 4 case for those interested.

Strap In

Samsung Silicone Strap Case

Strap into Samsung’s official silicone case for the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and enjoy all it has to offer.

Clearly Slim: Spigen Air Skin Clear Case

clear case on the Galaxy Z Flip 4

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 comes in several fun color combinations, and we understand that many owners don’t want to cover it up with an ugly black case. That’s why we’re also recommending the durable Spigen Air Skin Clear Case for the Flip 4.

If you’re looking for a slim minimalistic case for the Galaxy Z Flip 4, this is the one. The lightweight and form-fitting TPU material ensures plenty of protection while being as thin as possible. Raised edges keep the front cover screen and cameras safe, plus it seals off the screen gap when you fold the phone shut, protecting that fragile display on the inside. Get this slim case in one of five fun color options.

Clearly Slim

Spigen Air Skin Clear Case

Spigen's Air Skin case is one of the slimmest options for the Galaxy Z Flip 4, yet it's still as durable as ever.

We’ll update this case roundup with all the best new Galaxy Z Flip 4 cases as they arrive, so be sure and subscribe to our daily newsletter for the latest news.

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