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Logitech’s Upgraded G502 X Mice Improve on Speed and Accuracy

The Logitech G502 X Plus wireless mouse.

Logitech’s fantastic G502 gaming mouse just got a triple-decker upgrade. Starting August 30th, Logitech offers a new G502 X lineup with three gaming mice—one wired option, another that’s wireless, and a premium wireless model with RGB lighting.

All three mice in the G502 X series reuse the iconic G502 design, including an adjustable DPI shift button that lets you increase cursor speed on the fly. But they offer a 68% faster response rate thanks to a Hero 25K gaming sensor and an improved version of Logitech’s Lightforce optical-mechanical switch technology (basically, they’re optical switches that feel mechanical).

The upgraded mice are also a bit lighter than the original G502, coming in between 89 and 110 grams (wired model is the lightest, wireless RGB model is the heaviest). Compare that to the original Logitech G502, which weighs 114 grams.

The flagship mouse in the G502 X lineup is the G502 X Plus ($160). It features customizable 8-LED lighting, which you can program through Logitech’s G Suite software. The cheaper Logitech G502 X Lightspeed ($140) offers the same exact features as the Plus model, minus the RGB lighting. (Presumably, the Lightspeed model offers a better battery life, as it doesn’t waste power on RGB.)

And then there’s the wired G502 X ($80), which offers an interesting value proposition. It costs half the price of the G502 Plus, but it offers the same features, minus wireless connectivity and RGB. That sounds like a pretty killer deal to me!

All three Logitech G502 X mice are available at the Logitech website. They’re also listed on Amazon, though at the time of writing, Amazon has no G502 X mice in stock. Note that the wireless G502 X mice are compatible with Logitech’s wireless charging mousepad—perhaps this will resolve battery life concerns in the RGB model.

Logitech G502 X Plus Gaming Mouse

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Logitech's flagship G502 X Plus gaming mouse features a speedy response time thanks to advanced sensors and an optical-mechanical button system. It also packs wireless connectivity, RGB, and a built-in switch to quickly adjust DPI.

Logitech G502 X Gaming Mouse

The wired Logitech G502 X gaming mouse offers all the features of the G502 X Plus at half the price. Well, it doesn't support wireless connectivity or RGB, but that's an okay trade-off.

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