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This Lenovo Wearable Display Puts a TV on Your Face

Woman sitting on a couch wearing Lenovo display glasses.

This week, Lenovo announced a new addition to their wearable tech line, the Lenovo Glass T1. This private display puts two 1080p micro-OLED displays right in front of your eyes. Additionally, the personal display features integrated high-fidelity speakers so that you can ditch the earbuds.

These glasses are great for people who don’t have space for a big screen TV, want to watch their favorite movies and shows on the go, or turn any room into a private screening area. The Lenovo Glass T1 would also be a big win for travel professionals who work a lot on their mobile phones, since these glasses would allow them to see the bigger picture, literally. Plus, they would benefit gamers who want to detach from their computer screens and still get their grind in (assuming that there isn’t too much latency).

Compatible operating systems include iOS, Android, and Windows. You connect to Android and Windows devices via USB-C, but you need an HDMI to Lightning adapter to have them work with iOS.

It should be noted that there is no virtual reality or augmented reality features on these glasses. And they’re not meant to be used walking around or during other activities that require your attention for safety reasons.

The Lenovo Glass T1 will go on sale in China by the end of 2022 and hit worldwide markets in 2023.

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