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T-Mobile Lets You Try Its Unlimited Network Free for Three Months

T-Mobile logo on a smartphone.

Like all the major mobile carriers, T-Mobile wants you on its network. And now, you can try it for yourself without the hassle of formally switching networks or taking the financial risk of breaking your contract. All you need to do is download the T-Mobile app.

The Verge reports that the company has updated its iOS and Android apps to include a feature called Network Pass. This feature allows your phone to use T-Mobile’s wireless network with unlimited data for three months, allowing you to compare and contrast things like coverage, speed, reliability, and more. And all without leaving your current cellphone company behind.

If you get to the end of your three-month trial and you’re ready to switch to T-Mobile, the company has an Easy Switch method that will guide you through the process as painlessly as it can.

The new recruiting program is made possible by eSIMs, an embedded version of a SIM card. Instead of a chip that you can pop in and out of smartphones, an eSIM is integrated into your phone’s hardware. Since eSIMs are reprogrammable, they’re not married to a company like AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon, allowing carriers to bring your phone onto their network without formally switching services.

Source: Android Police

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