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Sony Made a Better PS5 Just in Time for a Price Hike

A close-up of the PlayStation 5's face.

Sony has quietly redesigned the interior of the Playstation 5. The Verge reports that YouTuber Austin Evans received the new gaming console model from Australia, tore it down, and compared its innards to the original and the version that went on sale last year.

Evans found significant changes to this year’s PS5, including a smaller motherboard, an improved cooling system, and an altered SSD enclosure. In his tear-down video, Evans observed that Sony moved around many of the interior components. The changes result in the unit being considerably lighter, running cooler, and drawing less power. Noise and heat output remains the same, according to Evan’s tests. The machine’s exterior remains identical to the original release and the 2021 model.

Throughout Evans’ examination of the new PS5, he notes that Sony improved the gaming console rather than downgrading it. Last year’s refresh of the flagship gaming machine was widely considered worse than the launch version of the device.

He also observes that this console generation is two years into its lifecycle, which is about the time you see price decreases. However, Sony recently announced a price increase on the PS5 in multiple worldwide markets.

Evans’s examination of the new line of PS5 was the digital edition of the machine. It’s unclear if the disc edition will contain similar improvements.

PlayStation 5 Console CFI-1102A

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Source: The Verge and Austin Evans

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