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Nissan Releases Its First Bi-Directional Charger for the LEAF EV

Nissan Leaf V2G Charger

The Nissan LEAF EV was ahead of its time when it arrived back in 2010, and to keep up with the changing electric vehicle landscape, Nissan just released its first bi-directional charger for the United States.

Bi-directional charging, also known as V2G (vehicle-to-grid) technology, allows an electric vehicle to not only receive electric power but share it back with the grid. For example, select EVs can power a home if the battery is big enough.

While the Ford F-150 Lightning is getting a lot of attention for its bi-directional charging capabilities, where it can power a house, it’s not the only one. In fact, all LEAF models from 2013 and newer support bi-directional charging.

The LEAF has struggled over the last few years, but now that it’s one of the most affordable EVs on the market, people are starting to take notice. So, if you own a 2013 or newer Nissan LEAF, now you can get Nissan’s official V2G charger manufacturered in partnership with Fermata Energy.

With Fermata Energy and Nissan’s charger, LEAF owners can quickly charge a vehicle anytime. Then, during peak hours, like hot summer months, share that power back to the energy grid and save money. A prime example is California’s current heat wave, where some EV owners are earning decent cash by sharing that power back with a struggling electric grid.

Here’s what Nissan had to say:

“The Nissan LEAF is currently the only fully electric passenger vehicle in the US market able to supply energy to the grid, allowing LEAF owners with the Fermata Energy FE-15 bi-directional charger to park their vehicle, plug it in, and save money with their local electric utility as well as reduce the total cost of ownership of the vehicle.”

The idea here is to recharge the vehicle overnight, during off-peak hours, when electricity is more affordable. Then, if your area needs power or you don’t plan on going anywhere, you can use Fermata’s Energy Demand Charge Management app and control the flow.

Nissan explains how this would be a great solution for businesses or fleet owners who could run a building off several LEAF electric vehicles rather than paying high energy prices. While vehicle-to-grid technology isn’t new, it’s really starting to take off. For example, Chevrolet partnered with California on a pilot program to eventually use its Silverado EV to help prevent city blackouts.

If you own a Nissan LEAF, you may want to consider this new charger.

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