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The Weirdest Internet-Connected Products on Amazon

It doesn't get weirder than this.

The Amazon logo with a Wi-Fi symbol superimposed over a cardboard box.
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Modern society is propelled by innovative technology. But to most companies, the word “innovation” simply means “a product that connects to the internet.” So, we spent some time hunting down the weirdest internet-connected products on Amazon—some are genuinely useful, while others are just strange.

Note: Don’t forget to check the Amazon reviews for these weird products. They’ll give you a good laugh.

A Foot Massage, but Smart

A man using the RENPHO smart foot massager machine.

There’s nothing worse than sticking your feet in a big electric foot massager, only to realize that a pesky spouse or toddler screwed up all your settings. There’s only one solution to this problem—an app that lets you control your foot massager from the palm of your hand! At least, that’s the idea behind RENPHO’s smart foot massager.

Ignoring the app, this is a pretty neat product. It can heat your feet and offers multiple massage modes. But I’m not sure why you would need an app for this foot massager, given that you can just bend over and press one of its many buttons to adjust your settings.

And if you can’t bend down to press a foot massager’s buttons, you could just buy one with a remote control. In fact, RENPHO sells this foot massager with a proper remote, and it costs the same price as the app-controlled model. This is all very strange, so let’s move on.

RENPHO Foot Massager Machine

This electric foot massager features multiple massage modes, plus variable heat settings and app controls.

An Automatic Router Rebooter

The ConnectSense Router Rebooter; it's basically an extension cable with a doohicky in the middle.

Alright, this one’s kinda neat. The ConnectSense Router Rebooter is a small extension cable that automatically turns off your router when the internet goes out. This saves you the trouble of getting up, wandering halfway across the house, unplugging the router, plugging it back in, and standing around like a lost puppy until the internet decides to come back.

Of course, the Router Rebooter is a very simple device. It just connects to your Wi-Fi and waits until the internet connection is lost. Then, it stops power from going to the router for a few seconds, performing a proper power cycle.

You can also use the Router Rebooter as a basic smart plug with scheduling and remote control functionality. It even supports Google Assistant and Alexa!

ConnectSense Router Rebooter

Automatically reboot your router when the internet cuts out! Router Rebooter saves you the trouble of getting up and doing things the old-fashioned way.

Tell Time the Newfangled Old-Fashioned Way

ELEKSTUBE smart nixie tube clock on a table.

Two cool products in a row? That’s kind of unexpected. The ELEKSTUBE Tube Clock mimics the design of an old-fashioned nixie clock (a small clock that displays numbers using vacuum tubes). But it’s extremely customizable, as it uses small LCD displays instead of nixie tubes, which are expensive and hard to find these days.

Of course, the ELEKSTUBE Tube Clock is an internet-connected device. And it only uses Wi-Fi to detect your timezone and sync the clock, which is nice. That said, some people hack these clocks to get a bit more out of the Wi-Fi functionality, which is very interesting.

ELEKSTUBE Tube Clock 2ND Generation

This awesome clock mimics the style of an old nixie clock. Not only is it retro, but it's endlessly customizable, and it's a popular item for tinkerers.

Showers Should Be More Complicated

Moen Terra Smart Shower controller. It has a small display and several buttons.

Turning a knob is just too difficult. That’s why Moen sells the Terra, a smart shower control panel with a 5-inch display, several buttons, and Wi-Fi connectivity. And the functionality is about what you’d expect—you can program preset temperatures or turn on your shower using voice controls. Kinda overkill, don’t you think?

Maybe I’m being too harsh on the Moen Terra. If you take a shower every day, as you probably should, a device like this can automatically start your showers at the perfect temperature (and maintain that temperature when some jerk decides to flush a toilet). If you spend a lot of time dialing in your shower temperature, or if you have limited mobility, the Terra could be a serious time saver.

But the Moen Terra costs $250. And that’s before you buy a Smart Shower two-outlet thermostatic digital valve (which costs $450). Oh, and you’ll probably need to hire a plumber, and maybe an electrician. Unless you’re in the process of building a home, this system is pretty dang expensive.

Moen Terra Smart Shower 2-Outlet Controller

Build a smart shower with Moen's Terra controller. It automatically brings the shower to your favorite temperature, provided that you own a Smart Shower two-outlet thermostatic digital valve.

New Notification: You Caught a Mouse!

Victor Smartkill rat trap

It’s been a few years since I first saw the Victor Smart-Kill mousetrap. And because it’s so weird, I really can’t get it out of my head. You can probably guess how this mousetrap works—it sends you a notification when it catches and kills something. And that’s the gist of it!

The Victor Smart-Kill uses electricity to kill rodents. It’s significantly more humane than glue traps or poison, and it also makes for easy cleanup (which is good, as the Victor Smart-Kill is a bit expensive). But the most important thing about this trap is the notification. Even if you’re forgetful, you’ll know when to empty this thing out and avoid any smelly nastiness.

Here’s the problem; snap traps cost about $1 apiece and do the same thing, minus the phone notification and reusable container. But a rodent-free home (or business) is priceless, and I don’t blame anyone for buying this weird smart contraption. M

Victor M2 Smart-Kill Humane Wi-Fi Enabled Electronic Rat Trap Killer - 2 Traps

Are you a forgetful person with a rodent problem? These smart mouse traps may be a good investment.

Yale Smart Delivery Box

Yale Smart Delivery Box on a porch. It's a big gray plastic box.

Yeah, another genuinely useful product! The Yale Smart Delivery Box protects your packages from rain, sleet, snow, and most importantly, porch pirates. When emptied, it stays unlocked and waits for a delivery. After that first delivery, it automatically locks and sends you a notification (giving you the option to leave it unlocked for another package).

You can also pair the Smart Delivery Box with a Yale Smart Keypad. This way, you can share a code with trusted friends or family who may need to pick up your packages.

Obviously, the Yale Smart Delivery Box isn’t guaranteed to deter thieves (Yale even suggests that you weigh it down with sand or tether it to your house). Interestingly, this unit runs on battery power, so you don’t need to worry about wiring anything up (though you do need to worry about charging).

Yale Smart Delivery Box

Scare off porch pirates and get notified when you receive a package with Yale's Smart Delivery Box.

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