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The 7 Best iPhone 14 Accessories

As powerful and as pricey as the new iPhone 14 is, there are things it just can’t do for you. Or for itself, for that matter. That’s where iPhone 14 accessories come in, whether it’s a protective case, screen protector, wallet, wireless charger, AirPod, fitness mount, or car vent mount.

Thankfully, we’ve compiled a list of the best iPhone 14 accessories for you. They’re all iPhone 14-compliant, and some are even backward compatible with older models. These top iPhone 14 accessories are affordable and just as premium as the iPhone 14 itself.

Best Wireless Charger: Apple MagSafe Wireless Charger

An Apple Magsafe wireless charger on a white background.

A dead phone is no good, not even an iPhone 14. Therefore a charger is one of the most important accessories you can get for your iPhone. And one of the best iPhone 14 chargers out there is none other than the Apple MagSafe Wireless Charger.

This official wireless MagSafe charger is compatible with iPhone 8 and later as well as AirPods. Qi-certified, this 15W charger is lightweight, fast charging, and absolutely great for home or travel.  It comes with a one-meter USB-C integrated cable but no brick.

Best MagSafe Charger

Apple MagSafe Wireless Charger

Get the best wireless charger for your MagSafe-enabled iPhone 14 made by Apple itself.

Best Wall Charger: Novobit 20W Wall Charger

Novobit 20W wall charger and cables on a white background.

Speaking of bricks, if you must get a wall charger for your iPhone 14, then it should be the Novobit 20W Wall Charger. This Apple MFi-certified charger is backward compatible with all iPhones, including iPhone 5. It comes with a six-foot USB-C lightning cable and offers fast charging.

When you buy the Novobit 20W Wall Charger, you’ll be getting not one but two chargers and two USB-C cables. It uses Apple’s original chip, offers short circuit protection, can reach 50 percent charge in about 30 minutes, and also works with the iPad.

Best Wall Charger

Novobit 20W Wall Charger

These pair of Apple MFi-certified iPhone 14 wall chargers come with six-feet USB-C cables and are fast-charging.

Best AirPods: Apple AirPods (2nd Gen) With Lightning Charging Case

Apple Airpods 2nd generation wireless earbuds on a white background.

One of the best iPhone 14 accessories you can get for your new purchase is the beloved second generation of Apple AirPods with Lightning Case. Its simple and instant connection with your iPhone makes this a great buy any day, any time.

These Bluetooth earphones can carry for up to 24 hours on a full charge.  The Apple AirPods shut out the noise allowing you to get immersed in rich, high-quality sound. Set up is a breeze with quick access to Siri. It also uses in-ear detection to know when it is inserted or removed from the ears.

Best AirPods

Apple AirPods (2nd Gen) With Lightning Charging Case

Sleek and comfy, Apple's in-ear iPhone 14 AirPods can serenade you with high-quality sounds all day.

Best Protective Case: Apple iPhone 14 Protective Case


Protecting your pricey iPhone 14 purchase should be a top priority and a no-brainer. The best way to do that is via a purpose-built case that offers full-body shockproof protection, at the least. For this, we recommend the Apple iPhone 14 lineup of cases, especially the iPhone 14 Clear Case With MagSafe.

Made by Apple itself, this OEM protective case is built with optically clear PC material. Its precision cutouts fit snugly over your iPhone 14, providing unhindered access to all buttons and functions. IP-rated, this Apple iPhone 14 case is anti-slip, scratch-resistant, drop-protected, anti-yellowing,  and supports wireless charging. It also comes with a warranty.

Best Protective Case

Apple iPhone 14 Protective Case

Get this iPhone 14 case for all-round protection against accidental drops, scratches, and damage.

Best Wallet Case: TWZKG Leather Wallet With MagSafe

TWZKG leather wallet with Magsafe with an iPhone.

The TWZKG Leather Wallet With MagSafe is a robust wallet and card holder that offers extra grips and added drop protection for your precious iPhone 14. Although it does add a tiny bit of bulk, it ultimately reduces bulk by eliminating the need for carrying an additional wallet. It is made from eco-friendly PU leather.

This detachable, minimalist, and lightweight wallet easily fits in your pocket and can be easily dismounted for wireless charging. It also offers easy two-way push-pull access allowing you to retrieve or replace your cards hassle-free. It is equally backward compatible with older iPhone models up to iPhone 12.

Best Wallet Case

TWZKG Leather Wallet With MagSafe

Add this detachable eco-friendly leather wallet to your iPhone 14 so you don't have to carry a bulky wallet.

Best Car Vent Mount: Belkin Car Vent Mount

Belkin Magsafe Car Vent Mount on a white background.

If you drive long distances or spend a lot of time driving like a truck driver or Uber driver, you’ll find this car vent mount indispensable. It is one of the best car vent mounts for your iPhone 14 device. It is also backward compatible with older iPhones up to the iPhone 12 and is MagSafe compatible.

The Belkin Car Vent Mount allows for hands-free or one-handed bi-directional use so you can focus on driving without sacrificing important calls or messages. You can also get easy access to maps as you drive, ensuring that you never miss your way. It is also designed to keep your cables out of the way but not out of sight when needed.

Best Car Vent Mount

Belkin Car Vent Mount

Get this MagSafe compatible car vent mount for the best distraction-free driving experience with your iPhone 14.

Best Fitness Mount: Belkin Magnetic Fitness Mount

Belkin Magnetic Fitness Mount attached to an iPhone.

Your workout or gym session may be incomplete without your iPhone nearby. So, why choose between your iPhone 14 and your fitness routine when you can have both with the Belkin Magnetic Fitness Mount? Okay, that was a rhetorical question, but you get the point — it’s pointless.

The Belkin Magnetic Fitness Mount is MagSafe compatible. It can be easily mounted on gym equipment such as handlebars, treadmills, and spin bikes, among others. It also has a strap that comes in handy for indoor cycling and is backward compatible with older iPhones up to the iPhone 12. Now you can keep fit and still keep your iPhone 14 nearby.

Best Fitness Mount

Belkin Magnetic Fitness Mount

Workouts and gym sessions couldn't be better with your iPhone 14 hooked to this fitness mount.

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