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Eviation’s All-Electric Passenger Aircraft Completes First Test Flight

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The rise in electrification is bringing all sorts of new technology front and center, from EVs and Ebikes to all-electric aircraft. This week, a prototype of one of the first all-electric passenger planes went on its maiden voyage, hitting the skies for an initial test flight.

The Washington-based brand Eviation announced its prototype aircraft named Alice hit a significant milestone as it flew for over eight minutes, its first flight ever. Alice is an all-electric passenger commuter plane that seats nine people, and the goal is to eventually replace regional flights with a smooth, fast, quiet, zero-emissions ride.

Eviation wants to eventually offer commuter and cargo flights between roughly 150-250 miles, similar to flying from Los Angeles to Las Vegas or other quick trips. The current model can carry around 2,500 pounds, reaches speeds of 260 knots, and has a comfortable cabin for its passengers.

For the test flight, Eviation’s Alice took off from an airport in central Washington, ascended to 3,500 feet while staying in the air for around eight minutes, then safely landed. It isn’t much, but just like the Wright Brothers, it’s a start.

From here, we can expect other test flights and adjustments, and eventually, the company will have to finalize a production-ready design. The press release mentions further production testing in 2025, so this isn’t something you can expect anytime soon. Air travel is a slow process, as is FAA approval, so we’ll have to wait and see.

According to the press release, Alice will eventually be available in three variants: a nine-passenger commuter, a luxury six-passenger executive cabin, and an eCargo model. While things are still in the very early stages, this flight could be a glimpse at the future of air travel.

via The Verge

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