Deal Alert: Grab an Apple HomePod Speaker for $235 ($115 off)

Not interested in Amazon or Google’s smart speakers? Maybe you should check out the HomePod, a premium smart speaker by Apple. Right now, Woot is selling it at a hefty discount.

What’s the Apple HomePod? It’s like the Amazon Echo or the Google Home, but with a built-in Siri assistant and a super high-quality speaker. You can use voice commands to tell the HomePod to play music, make calls, or control other smart devices. Really, it’s a smart speaker for Apple fans.

But the most exciting thing about the HomePod isn’t Siri integration, it’s the sound quality. These speakers are made for music. They produce a crisp, high-fidelity sound with deep bass. Not to mention, the HomePod uses spatial awareness to analyze a room’s acoustics and adjusts volume and equalization to fit the room. Neat.

If you forgot that Apple had smart speakers, then you’re not alone. Although the Siri-powered smart speakers have great sound quality and style, they also have a pretty hefty retail price tag, and a lot of would-be buyers have chickened out. But hey, that’s what makes this deal so good. Apple fans can finally buy a HomePod smart speaker for a reasonable price.

Right now, Woot is selling refurbished Apple HomePod speakers for $235 each—that’s a hefty $115 discount. Keep in mind that these HomePods are refurbished, but they have a 90 day warranty through Woot.

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