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Samsung: All Galaxy S10 and S10+ Phones Have 8 GB of RAM or More

The Galaxy S10 and S10+ will have at least 8 GB of RAM.

As smartphones get more powerful and run more and more complex applications, phone memory gets more important. To that end, Samsung wants it known that if you buy a Galaxy S10 or S10+, you’ll get at least 8 GB of RAM.

The company said as much to Android Police when asked about the RAM situation on the new models. Apparently, some of the pre-release demonstration hardware showed “just” 6 GB when its specifications were checked in the Settings menu, causing confusion among the enthusiast community.

Samsung’s own website is feeding some of that misinformation, with its specs page not making it clear which versions of the phone get 6 GB, 8 GB, or a massive 12 GB of memory. At the moment it looks like only the cheapest version of the less expensive Galaxy S10e (the “e” stands for “essential”) will be equipped with 6 GB of memory—all the “regular” S10 and S10 Plus models get at least 8 GB. Some versions of the most expensive 1 TB storage Galaxy S10+ will have up to 12 GB, matching the bombastic specification of the Galaxy Fold.

8 GB might seem like overkill for a phone, especially considering that some new laptops are still being sold with just 4. But mobile memory is a big deal, especially among those phone buyers most likely to pre-order new devices. One of the most common complaints about Google’s own Pixel 3 phones is that they have “just” 4 GB at their high price level.

Source: Android Police

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