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Zuckerberg’s Metaverse Legs Were a Cheap Party Trick

Meta's leg demo wasn't real, but they're still coming soon.

Metaverse VR Legs

Earlier this week, Meta (Facebook) hosted its yearly Connect conference and had lots of exciting news to share. CEO Mark Zuckerberg talked in-depth about the Metaverse, the new Meta Quest Pro headset, and avatar legs in VR.

Interestingly, the big announcement that the company’s Horizon VR app will start adding legs to avatars received the most attention, more so than the physical products. It’s a pretty big deal and will make avatars feel more realistic. Unfortunately, it sounds like the impressive demonstration by Zuckerberg was nothing more than a neat party trick, even if legs are still “coming soon.”

During the nearly 90-minute presentation, Meta’s CEO excitedly said, “there’s one more feature coming soon that’s probably the most requested feature on our road map. Legs! I think everyone has been waiting for this!”

The video demonstration was extremely impressive. Virtual Mark and his on-stage friend looked at their legs, moved them around, and Mark even jumped into the air enthusiastically.

Turns out, it wasn’t real, and the clip is only a preview of our potential future VR selves. According to a staff member at UploadVR, an unnamed Meta spokesperson said that “the segment featured animations created from motion capture.” Meaning it was only a preview of what this feature may look like.

Unfortunately, that means it probably won’t be anywhere near as impressive whenever the feature finally arrives. It’s worth noting that Zuckerberg explained how the feature would work, saying that Meta would use an artificial intelligence model to predict the positions of a user’s whole body.

So while fancy avatar legs are coming soon, we’re not sure what they’ll look like. If you’re still interested in getting the highly upgraded Meta Quest Pro VR headset, you’re not worried about battery life, and can’t wait to get some virtual legs, pre-order one today from the link below.

Meta Quest Pro

The Meta Quest Pro is an incredibly powerful VR headset with work-focused features like full-color passthrough video and facial expression tracking. It costs a fortune, but you can order it now.

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