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Firefox Relay Now Offers Burner Phone Numbers to Curb Spam

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Mozilla Foundation

The Firefox Relay service, which allows you to mask your email address and curb spam, now offers virtual phone numbers. It’s a simple but effective idea; calls and texts made to your “fake” phone number are screened for spam (using custom or automatic filters) before being forwarded to your phone.

For most people, this is a set-it-and-forget-it service (though an online dashboard gives you extra controls). Incoming calls or texts that pass Firefox Relay’s screening arrive on your phone just like any other call or text. But your real number is never revealed.

Firefox Relay gives you 50 minutes for calls and 75 text messages each month. That’s not a lot, but it’s enough to handle legitimate calls from websites or businesses. Remember, this isn’t a cellular service, it’s a tool that reduces spam and increases your personal privacy.

Note that Firefox Relay only lets you choose one fake phone number. This number cannot be changed once it’s chosen.

Pricing for FireFox Relay seems pretty fair—it’s $5 a month with the phone masking feature, though you can save $1 each month if you choose the $48 annual plan. This pricing tier also includes Firefox Relay for email, which lets you generate phony email address and block spam.

Firefox Relay

Join Firefox Relay to generate “burner” phone numbers and email addresses. It forwards legitimate content to you and blocks spam.

Source: Mozilla Foundation

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