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Your Google Ads Might Get More Tolerable With New Settings

Absent, of course, is a "no ads" option.

Three phones showing mockups of Google's "My Ad Center"

In a blog post today, Google announced it’s starting the roll-out of My Ad Center, a Google-wide advertisement customization hub. The company announced the tool at Google I/O back in May. My Ad Center will replace the “Ad Settings” and “About this Ad” links on ads served by Google.

My Ad Center represents a giant leap forward in user control over what ads they see online. The service allows you to customize what types of ads you see, block sensitive ads, and even shut down personalized ads altogether. The new ad hub will also show you more information about advertisers and give you more granular control over what topics of ads you prefer to see.

Google Ad Center open on a smartphone.

The new ad command tool also allows you to customize what information goes into your ad recommendations. For example, you can now choose whether or not you want your YouTube history to impact the ads you see. (Previously, if didn’t want to see ads based on your YouTube watch history, you had to completely turn it off YouTube’s history feature.)

The Google blog post, written by the company vice president Jerry Dischler, stresses that the new tool follows Google’s core privacy principles. And that the company never sells your personal information and doesn’t use the content you store in apps like Gmail, Photos, and Drive for ad-related purposes.

Source: 9to5Google, Gizmodo

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