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LEGO Now Sells Our “Number Two” Favorite Set

What Mysteries Will We Find in the LEGO Porta Potty?

LEGO minifigs near a LEGO porta potty.

We’ve reported on some amazing LEGO sets this year. Products like the functional LEGO foosball table, the motorized LEGO lighthouse, and the crazy LEGO Bowser puppet are elaborate and groundbreaking—unfortunately, there’s something we’ve overlooked. We missed the LEGO poop brick.

Back in May, LEGO announced a LEGO City Train Station. It includes an open-air train station, a shuttle, a railway, a tow truck, and a porta potty. At a glance, this is a pretty unassuming LEGO set.

But as Louie Mantia Jr noticed, LEGO’s porta potty hides a special secret. And it’s a big piece of poop. Screenshots of the set’s instructions give us an up-close and personal look at the LEGO bowel movement. It’s shaped like a big chocolate swirl, and it’s about the size of a LEGO minifig’s head.

The LEGO City Train Station is proof that minifigs go “number two.” At least, that’s what I thought at first. In a tweet responding to Louie Mantia Jr, someone noted that this LEGO poop isn’t new. In fact, it was originally used to represent dog poop. (Maybe a dog used the porta potty?)

Clearly, we need to go deeper to solve the mystery of this turd. The BrickLink website reveals that the LEGO poop brick is included in a total of 59 sets. It regularly stands in for dessert toppers, bedpost accents, and other items that look similar to poop. It’s also featured in LEGO’s The Office set—that means it’s technically a representation of Todd Packer’s poop.

I’d also like to point out how, in official images, LEGO’s porta potty is attached to a small hand car. It can go on rails. I’m not sure if this is a thing in real life, but it seems like a very cavalier way to handle a plastic box full of bodily fluids.

If you’d like to play with the LEGO poop, go ahead and purchase the LEGO City Train Station set. It costs $100 and includes 907 pieces. (For those who need the math, you’re basically paying $100 for a LEGO poop and getting a cool 906-piece LEGO set for free.)

LEGO City Train Station

The LEGO City Train Station includes a piece of LEGO poop. It's pretty cool!

Source: Louie Mantia Jr

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