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Tesla Rolls Out Another “Fix” for Frozen Door Handles

You Can Unlatch the Door from Your Phone

A Tesla Model 3 driving through a winter road.

Every winter, unlucky drivers realize that the cold weather can freeze their Tesla Model 3 or Model Y door handles. Software updates have reduced this problem, though it’s still fairly common. So, Tesla’s rolling out another “fix.”

The latest Tesla app update (Version 4.14.0) adds a new “quick unlatch” feature for Model 3 and Model Y doors. Tesla owners can already unlock their door from the mobile app, but this feature lets you open the car’s doors without touching its door handles.

Now, even with “quick unlatch,” you may need to finesse your doors a bit to get them open. Tesla Model 3 and Model Y windows are prone to freezing and can get caught inside the car’s trim. (A 2018 software update is supposed to solve this problem, but it doesn’t always work.)

Bear in mind that Tesla climate control should keep your doors and windows from freezing. The car should automatically thaw itself in extreme temperatures. For most customers, “quick unlatch” is a last resort.

If you own a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y, update your mobile app to gain the “quick unlatch” feature. Note that this only works if your car is running software version 2022.36 or later—you may need to update your vehicle!

Source: Tesla via Mashable

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