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Lenovo’s ThinkVision M14 USB-C Monitor Looks Like a Great Work Trip Companion

The ThinkVision M14 packs USB-C video ports on both sides.

We’re big fans of portable, USB-driven monitors here at Review Geek: they make it easy to bring the productivity-boosting power of a multi-screen setup on the road. At Mobile World Congress, Lenovo has introduced a new one that’s worth a look.

The ThinkVision M14—“ThinkVision” being the brand attached to the more button-down ThinkPad line—is a USB-C powered, 14-inch, 1080p design that will come with a price of €229 (about $260). It’s equipped with a USB-C port on both sides, allowing the user to easily plug it into a laptop or tablet to the left or right, the better to make use of small workspaces.

There’s another neat trick if you’re all-in on USB-C: while the screen can run entirely off the battery in your laptop or tablet, it can also deliver power. So if your laptop uses a USB-C power port, you can pack just the screen’s power adapter and it will deliver power to the laptop while receiving video over the same USB-C cable. It’s not clear whether the open USB-C port can be used as a pass-through hub, but that would be nice.

The ThinkVision M14 kickstand folds down flat for travel.

This thing is built to travel. At just 600 grams (1.3 pounds) and less than a centimeter thick when folded up with its protective cover, it should be able to squeeze into most laptop bags without weighing you down on long treks through the airport or conference hall. The 300-nit matte screen is also made with the idea of using it in a variety of challenging lighting conditions, and the unique kickstand base can easily shift from 10 to 90 degrees to match the tilt of your primary screen.

The ThinkVisionM14 will arrive in June for at least some markets. The $260 package includes a cover/case, the aforementioned power adapter, and a riser for the base if you want a little extra height.

Source: Lenovo

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