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New Apple TV 4K Is More Affordable, But Only If You Skip an Essential Upgrade

The Apple TV 4k streaming box.

In a press release today, Apple announced the new generation of Apple TV 4K. The set-top box gains HDR10+ support, a USB-C charging remote, and a lower price tag. Although, you’ll want to opt for the more expensive option. You can order the new Apple TV 4K today, and it will ship on November 4th.

The new generation of the Apple TV 4K also gets an upgrade to Apple’s A15 Bionic chip from the previous model’s A12 Bionic. Apple claims the new chip improves performance and enhances gameplay. The company claims the new device’s processor runs up to 50% faster than the current generation for a much snappier Apple TV experience. Plus, the addition of HDR10+ support means you can watch higher-quality content across more devices.

Perhaps the most notable change to the Apple TV 4K is that the new Siri Remote charges via USB-C rather than Lightning. Apple also announced that the new iPad generation will draw power through USB-C, perhaps signaling the company’s move away from its proprietary charging standard. Customers can buy a separate USB-C-charging Siri Remote today for $59, which is compatible with existing Apple TV 4K models.

Like the 2021 generation of Apple TV 4K, this year’s model comes in two versions: Apple TV 4K (Wi-Fi) and Apple TV 4K (Wi-Fi + Ethernet). The difference between the two models is evident from their names. The Ethernet version allows for a hardwired connection, supporting gigabit ethernet speeds. The other big difference between the two models is that the Ethernet version offers twice the storage space of the Wi-Fi model (128GBb to the Wi-Fi’s 64GB).

In its press release announcing the 2022 version of Apple TV 4K, the company lauded the device for its environmentally friendly design. Apple claims the new model uses 30% less energy than its predecessor while also increasing performance. The company also claims that the A15 Bionic chip eliminates the need for an internal fan, resulting in a more compact design and reducing the device’s carbon footprint.

The new Apple TV 4K starts at a price of $20 less than the previous generation. You can order the Wi-Fi version today for just $129 and the Ethernet model for $149. Apple offers payment plans for as little as $21.50 monthly for six months.

Apple TV 4K

The Apple TV 4K unlocks a high-quality streaming experience with Siri support, 4K HDR streaming, and more.

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