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The Steam Deck Can Run macOS

But you probably shouldn't do this to yours.

macOS Catalina running on a Steam Deck mobile gaming system.

A Steam Deck user has breathed new life into the term “hackintosh.” The old-school moniker indicates a non-Apple computer that runs a Macintosh operating system. Now, XDA Developers reports that Reddit user Lampa183 has shared how they got macOS Catalina on their Steam Deck.

The post is a simple image of macOS running on a Steam Deck with the “About This Mac” window open on an empty desktop. You can see all the preinstalled Mac apps in the dock on the bottom portion of the screen, indicating a very recent install.

When asked how they accomplished this feat in the comments, Lampa813 replied, “I followed macos (sic) installation guide on YouTube.” They were also a bit reluctant to be more specific. When asked where to get the ISO, they simply replied, “Google is your friend :).”

They were slightly more helpful when it came to explaining performance. When asked what worked and what didn’t, Lampa 813 answered, “Internet and partially touchscreen. Sound, gpu (sic) and (for some reason) security settings not working.” And when queried about performance, they stated, “Performance is normal. But some animations are lagy (sic) and turning on takes 2-4 minutes”.

Lampa813 never went into detail about why they performed this cross-platform feat, but I think we can safely assume it’s for the same reason that George Mallory climbed Mt. Everest.

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Source: XDA Developers

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