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Microsoft Introduces the Office App’s Replacement

A magnifying glass over Microsoft Office apps.

Microsoft’s Office Hub app is due to retire, but before it goes, Microsoft is giving everyone a look at its replacement. The new 365 app promises to have the programs and features people love from the old hub app, alongside a selection of new applications that could streamline their working lives.

The “Microsoft Graph” forms the centerpiece of the new App, displaying things like appointments and meetings, documents, and even third-party programs all in one place. Microsoft’s stalwart office apps, like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, along with Microsoft Teams. Third-party apps, including some from Adobe and Figma, which is good news for people who quite like Microsoft’s office offerings, but prefer to use something outside their ecosystem for certain tasks. You can still stay organized, no matter whose software you’re using.


Collaboration is a major focus of Microsoft’s new app, with a dedicated feed for your shared files and projects, along with notes that show who has been doing what with them. The app splits things into categories, with collaborative and shared projects being no exception. You can view files that were shared in meetings or sent directly to you, and there’s a feature that allows people you’re following to share files with you too.

There is also a “tagging” feature, which may be handy if none of the other organization methods are your kind of thing. Simply give a project or document a tag or two related to its purpose, and use the search bar to pull it up when you need it.

Microsoft intends to release the new 365 App on PC, mobile, and the web from next month. Current Office users don’t actually have to do anything as the switchover is rolling out as an update to the older software.

Source: Microsoft via Windows Central

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