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Tesla Cybertruck Tooling Begins Ahead of 2023 Production

Who still wants a Cybertruck?

A photo of the Tesla Cybertruck driving on a dusty road.

After several years of work, teasers, and design tweaks, Tesla is making its final preparations before it begins production on the Cybertruck. This week, the company said that Cybertruck has shifted from “in development” to the “tooling” phase.

So what exactly does that mean? That means the design and development phase is over, which Tesla confirmed earlier this summer. Now, Tesla is creating the tools, machines, and production lines to manufacture the Cybertruck at its new Gigafactory in Texas.

While many people still don’t think the Tesla Cybertruck will ever get released, things are moving ahead, finally, and once tooling is complete, production should begin sometime in 2023.

It’s no secret that Tesla has faced production woes, supply chain issues, stiff competition, and other disruptions that caused the company to delay the Cybertruck several times. Last year Elon Musk said Tesla would copy some rival electric truck features.

Additionally, Tesla halted the reservation system earlier this year, and in August, the company confirmed the Cybertruck would be more expensive than initially expected. Throughout 2022 Tesla redesigned the interior a bit, made the truck a little shorter to fit a standard garage, and had to develop a new windshield wiper to handle the enormous windshield.

Basically, Tesla has been busy behind the scenes working on the final design, all while manufacturing the Model 3 and Model Y as fast as possible. Now, it looks like things could finally be on track. If everything goes according to plan, Cybertruck production should begin sometime next year, with a late 2023 or early 2024 release date.

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