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Robosen’s New Elite Optimus Prime Is Slightly More Affordable

But it's still expensive and awesome.

Elite Optimus Prime robot toy
Robosen / Hasbro

Robosen Robotics, in partnership with Hasbro, released a real-life transforming Optimus Prime in 2021, giving fans and collectors an Autobot unlike any other. It was also really expensive. Now, the two are back with an all-new ‘Elite Optimus Prime’ in a slightly more affordable and smaller package.

The new Hasbro and Robosen Elite Optimus Prime “toy” is programmable, voice-activated, or app-controlled. It can transform from a vehicle to a robot and back automatically, and it’s only $700. It’s the Transformers toy you always wanted as a kid but didn’t exist. Well, now it does.

Like last year’s model, this Optimus Prime features over 5,000 components, 60 microchip controllers, and 27 patented servo motors to control everything from his arms, legs, and wheels. Plus, there’s a lithium-ion rechargeable battery and even a built-in speaker for system sounds and robot responses. 

Robosen / Hasbro

Basically, this is the same epic Hasbro and Robosen Robotics Optimus Prime toy, only now it’s a little smaller, has about half the battery life (55-minute runtime), and won’t destroy your wallet quite as much. Here’s what the company had to say:

“You can walk, punch, blast, drive, and convert your Autobot leader at the touch of a button, the swipe of your finger, or at the command of your voice.”

For those wondering, this Optimus Prime stands about 16-inches tall, so it’s still a pretty big collector toy. Owners will love being able to say “turn left,” “open fire,” or even “roll out,” and yes, it’ll automatically transform and drive off. You can see it yourself in this YouTube video.

It comes with 80 phrases recorded by original Transformers voice actor Peter Cullen, and you’ll love all the pre-installed voice commands, actions, and stances it’ll make while walking around the floor. Get yours today from the link below.

Robosen Elite Optimus Prime

This Robosen Hasbro Elite Optimus Prime is a self-transforming Autobot that does all the work for you. Buy one today for $700 and “roll out.”

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