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The New Wyze Cam v3 Pro Gives You a Closer Look at Your Guests

The Wyze Cam v3 Pro with its spotlight turned on.

Available today, the Wyze Cam v3 Pro packs a ton of neat improvements and new features. It captures video at an upgraded 2K resolution, supports Full-Color Night vision, and has an integrated spotlight. Plus, there’s a weird new feature called “Smart Focus” that gives you a better look at guests.

This is an overdue upgrade for the Wyze Cam v3, which is growing a bit long in the tooth. The Cam v3 Pro’s improved 2K resolution (up from 1080p) should significantly increase the detail of your security footage, especially when zooming in.

Additionally, the Cam v3 Pro adds an integrated spotlight to improve night video (and scare off unwanted guests). While the original Cam v3 offers Full-Color Night Vision, it lacks a spotlight.

But we’re mostly excited for the Wyze Cam v3 Pro’s interface, which is intended to simplify video playback and camera customization. Presumably, future Wyze cams will inherit this new interface, though there’s no word on what Wyze will do with its older cameras.

This interface unlocks a new feature called “Smart Focus.” Essentially, video playback from the camera will zoom in on guests, giving you a better look at their face. A small window containing the full video feed will sit in the corner of your screen while “Smart Focus” is enabled, sort of like a picture-in-picture mode.

We doubt that “Smart Focus” will work on older Wyze cameras, as it seems to rely on the Cam v3 Pro’s upgraded 2K sensor and improved 1.2 GHz chipset. (Wyze notes that this new chipset will also improve AI detection speed.)

Other Cam v3 Pro features are just carryovers from the original Cam v3—simultaneous two-way talk, IP65 dust and water resistance, 24/7 local recording with a microSD card, and so on.

The Wyze Cam v3 pro is available today for $50 plus shipping. We’re curious to test the camera and to see if it offers any extra improvements, like a higher-quality speaker or more mounting options. (Wyze’s website and press release don’t mention such improvements.)

Wyze Cam v3 Pro

The Wyze Cam v3 Pro offers an improved 2K resolution with a full-color night mode and integrated spotlight. It also packs a new feature called Smart Focus, which gives you a closer look at guests.

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