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How to Play Reddit’s ‘Spooky Bananas’ Halloween Game

an image of the Reddit Spooky Bananas game.
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If you’re in the mood for a lighthearted Halloween scare, maybe it’s time to visit Reddit. A new game hiding in Reddit’s menu bar, called Spooky Bananas, lets you control the ghost of Snoo as he floats around eating bananas.

Now, this isn’t the most complicated game. Your goal is to pick up as many bananas as you can in 60 seconds. There are no obstacles, dangers, or jump scares. But Reddit users are already fighting to see who can get the highest score, and personally speaking, I’d like to be the winner.

an image of the Reddit menu bar with an arrow pointing at the banana icon.
Reddit, Review Geek

To play Spooky Bananas, open the Reddit website (or any subreddit) in your desktop browser. Then, click the banana icon in the menu bar. Your screen will go dark (unless you already have dark mode enabled) and the game will begin.

One thing to note; Spooky Bananas is a lot easier in a small browser window. If you find that the game is too hard on your massive ultra-wide monitor, take your browser out of fullscreen and give it another shot.

The Spooky Bananas game went live on October 25th or 26th. Reddit hasn’t formally announced the game, at least, as far as we can tell.

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