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The Best Subscription Boxes for Gardeners

Person planting flowers in a sunny garden
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Gardening is a satisfying hobby for so many reasons—your outdoor space looks great, you’ve helped cultivate new life, and you even get some crops or flowers in return. We’ve checked out the best subscription boxes for gardeners so that your green finger endeavors are even more successful.

Every gardener has different aims in life. You might be keen to make it your main way to spend your free time throughout the year, or you might prefer to simply dabble in the pastime. We’ve got different subscription boxes in mind for such occasions. There’s also room for those enthusiasts who don’t have the space at home to cram everything in, and those that are more avid chefs than they are gardeners.

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Seasonal Projects for Beginners: My Garden Box

Different items that have come in this gardening box in the past
My Garden Box

Want to get new plants each month and maybe even get a little creative with ’em? My Garden Box is perfectly geared toward your needs. Each month, it provides subscribers with a seasonal variety of plants and plant-y items with all the directions you’ll need for success.

This subscription box is an easy way to help develop your green thumb. It’ll also give you experience with a variety of new plants, like bonsai trees, viney plants, terrariums, and other garden-variety houseplants. With such a wide array of offerings, we think this beginner-friendly box will also offer up some cool finds for seasoned gardeners, too.

Seasonal Projects for Beginners

My Garden Box

This box includes everything you’ll need to build plant projects and maintain them.

Ideal for House Plant Lovers: House Plant Box

A potted plant and some air plants
The House Plant Box

Are you a keen gardener but you don’t actually have a garden to maintain? Subscribe to House Plant Box and you can feel like you’re part of the action. Each month, you’re sent in-season houseplants specially chosen from the company’s greenhouses. Depending on which type of subscription you choose, this can be a selection of indoor house plants, air plants, or some succulents.

You have a basic package to choose from, along with a premium monthly plan for a little more per month, which provides you with a larger assortment of plants. In all cases, you get detailed care guides, plus occasional surprises like fertilizer, planters, or terrariums. Pet owners can also opt to receive only pet-friendly plants each month so there’s no risk there.

It’s an ideal service if you want your home to look great but you don’t have the time (or inclination) to go looking for plants yourself.

Ideal for House Plant Lovers

The House Plant Box

Love house plants more than your backyard garden? We think you’ll love this subscription box.

Best for Limited Spaces: Urban Organic Gardener Seed Club

UOG home page, with logo in front of baby plants
Urban Organic Gardener Seed Club

Not everyone has a huge amount of room outside to live out their love of gardening. That’s where the Urban Organic Gardener Seed Club is a useful subscription box. Each month, you’re sent five garden seed packs that correlate to the month you receive them.

Alongside that are expanding seed starting soil pods, plant labels and markers, along with garden supplies, organic fertilizer, and detailed planting instructions. Essentially, you get everything you need to plant to your heart’s content. When starting out, you’re asked what kind of space you have available to you so all products are geared towards that area, even if you only have containers or small raised beds available to you. Considerations are made for newbie gardeners too!

Great for Limited Spaces

Urban Organic Gardener Seed Club

Only have a little bit of outdoor gardening space? This box offers you plenty of space-conscious solutions.

Great for Cactus Fans: Succulent Studios

Three succulent plants on a windowsill, featured in a past box
Succulent Studios

The great thing about succulents and cactuses is it’s much harder to kill them than regular plants. That’s because they require less water and careful nurturing. They’re used to hot and unforgiving environments so your forgetful nature is no big deal for them. Succulent Studios is a subscription box service aimed at succulent fans.

You’ll get two eight-week-old succulents each month, potted and ready to grow. They’re suitably low maintenance but help you feel like you’re caring for something. All the succulents are grown in Southern California using only organic media and fertilizers so you’re doing your bit for the world too. For the tentative first steps into gardening, this is a neat starting point (and cute, too!).

Great for Cactus Fans

Succulent Studios

Can’t get enough succulents? Neither can we. Get your fill each month with this subscription box.

Best For Edible Gardens: Bloomin Bin

Two of the Just Seeds boxes, featuring the seed packs and info for each
Bloomin Bin

One of the most satisfying parts of gardening is growing something that you can then eat. Bloomin Bin taps into that by providing a specific subscription box with fruit and vegetable seeds in mind. There are a couple of Just Seeds boxes that give you two to eight seasonal seed packs each month. You can also opt for the Just the Microgreens box, the Just the Herbs box, and a combination box with plants and seeds.

It’s a suitably varied mixture of items with neat bonuses like codes to plant a tree in a developing nation, or even little projects like instructions on how to make holiday ornaments around Christmas.

Best for Edible Gardens

Bloomin Bin

Want to grow plants you can actually eat? This subscription box offers you seeds for herbs and more.

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