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Tesla Poised to Add Radio Traffic Announcements Feature

Tesla self-driving visualization

Tesla is constantly updating its vehicles with new features or bug fixes, and assets in the latest software update reveal Tesla could be ready to warn drivers about upcoming traffic. Yes, the popular radio traffic announcements (TA) feature could finally be coming to Tesla.

While Tesla has yet to confirm this, a breakdown of the latest Tesla 2022.40 update by Not A Tesla App found several file names, images, and app assets suggesting it’s almost ready.

As the name suggests, traffic announcements get broadcast through your Tesla’s speakers, just like the radio, and will alert owners to local traffic updates, accidents, and other alerts. What makes this different from something like Google Maps navigation is it’ll play through the speakers, even if you’re not listening to the radio. It’s automatic.

Tesla Radio TA app icon
Tesla app

In fact, even those streaming media from another app will hear these alerts as long as you have TAs enabled inside the vehicle. It’s worth noting that Radio Traffic Announcements are a popular feature with other brands, including BMW, Volvo, and others.

While some car owners love the feature, others hate it, and you’ll often find questions about how to disable TAs on select vehicles. Plus, there’s a good chance Tesla could combine it with other features instead of simply a traffic announcement, making it more useful for owners.

We’ve heard Elon Musk talk about Tesla to Tesla communications, and Tesla recently partnered with an emergency services group to help prevent collisions with disabled vehicles and other roadside situations. So, there’s a good chance we could see something like Radio TAs integrated into a bigger safety update.

It sounds like Tesla’s Radio Traffic Announcements could arrive soon, but we’ll have to wait and see.

via Not a Tesla App

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