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Five Fantastic Cable Organizers to Wrangle Your Messy Cables

Your desk and nightstand might be a mess of cables right now, but they don’t need to be. You’ll never have to fish around for or untangle cables again with these handy organizers.

Whether you’re looking for something to contain the cables behind your computer, an option to separate your many chargers, or just a safer and tidier alternative to hiding electronics and cords from your kids, we’ve got what you’re looking for.

Best Weighted Desktop Cable Organizer ($7)

What’s easier than placing a weighted organizer on your desk? Don’t bother with drilling holes in your walls or desk, or sticking adhesive to different surfaces—this RayCue Weighted Cable Holder is quick to place on your desk and even quicker to place your wires into. There are two ways to organize your cables: by placing the cables separately between the rings, or by threading all the cables together through the holes in the middle of the weighted organizer.

Best of all, it also doesn’t take up much space, so even though you’re adding something to your desk, the space created by your neatly organized cables more than makes up for the footprint of the organizer.

Best Cable Organizer to Conceal Your Chargers ($17)

The QICENT Cord Organizer Box is a great option for hiding your clutter, and it’s super convenient if you have a lot of small devices or chargers on your desk. Keep this inconspicuous box on your desk or on the floor to organize your cables by feeding as much (or as little) of the charging cables through the large holes on the box and then plugging them into a UBS charging hub or power strip inside.

When you plug your items in you can either tuck them inside the box (like you might with, say, a USB battery pack you don’t need to access until it is done charging) or you can lean a device (like your phone) in the deep groove around the top for easy access.

Best Sleeve to Wrangle Your Messy Cables ($11)

If you’re looking for the best option to conceal and contain infrequently handled cables (like those behind your PC or media center), the Baltic Living Cable Management Sleeve is the perfect fit. You can group all the cables together with this sleeve to hide them behind your desk, computer, or TV. The material of the sleeve is made of a flexible and durable neoprene that can hold big bundles of cords without tearing. 

The sleeve comes in 80 inch lengths, but it’s easily to both cut the sleeve to use in multiple places (if you don’t need the whole run) and to cut slits in the cable to feed cables out at specific points for different devices behind your desk or in your AV rack. Unlike many sleeves of this style, it seals with Velcro instead of a zipper so you can cut it as short or as long as you want without worrying about ruining the product.

Lastly, the sleeve is reversible with a black and white side, so it’s easy to distinguish between different groups of cords. You can also match the color to your office or home based on the color of your wall, desk, or media center.

Best Under the Desk Wire Loom Style Cable Manager ($35) 

The TechDek Products Cable Manager looks great by not only keeping your cables organized and out of sight, but also has a black or silver wire frame that is aesthetically pleasing for those of you with open back desks. You can secure this Cable Manager under your desk or vertically on your wall with screws, making the design sturdy and reliable—no matter your needs.

The evenly spaced, rounded wire hooks are placed to hold all of your cables efficiently. The middle section between the wired hooks can hold excess wires or powerstrips, which helps with organization and space-saving. Lastly, there’s space underneath the wired middle section to strap a powerstrip or surge protector for maximum use of the cable manager. Our favorite part about this particular organizer is that with its out-of-sight design your cables can be as messy or as neatly organized as you want—and nobody will be the wiser.

Best Stick on Surfaces Wire Organizer Set ($7) 

The Whellen Multipurpose Cable Clips Set is a quick and easy way to add cable management anywhere. The clips can hold from 1 to 5 wires on the different-sized adhesive holders (there are two of each type in 10 pack). The size and the adhesive makes them a perfect fit for everywhere you want to secure cables from your office to your kitchen.

If you love the concept but you’re looking for something a little more steamlined and a lot more of them, be sure to check out the eBoot 100 Pieces Adhesive Cable Clips Wire Management Pack.

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