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Brilliant Will Extend Its Excellent Smart Home Integration with Matter

The Brilliant Home Control panel over an illustration of a Matter smart home.
Brilliant, CSA

Brilliant is already one of the most widely-integrated smart home brands; its products work with Google Assistant, HomeKit, Alexa, and Samsung SmartThings. Still, to fit in with our smart home future, Brilliant will add Matter compatibility to its products in 2023.

Additionally, Brilliant says that it’s now a member of the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), the group behind Matter. That means Brilliant may contribute to Matter’s development and work with other brands to ensure robust cross-platform support for the new standard.

In case you missed it, Matter is a “universal translator” for smart homes. If two products support Matter, they will work together regardless of their branding. All major smart home brands are involved in Matter’s development, including Apple, oddly enough. (Matter also extends support for Thread, which can expand the responsiveness and range of your smart home.)

Brilliant’s involvement in Matter makes sense. After all, Brilliant’s universal smart home control panel offers unique integration for all major smart assistants and the most well-known smart home brands, including ecobee, August, Phillips Hue, and Yale.

A Matter update will arrive for Brilliant products sometime in 2023. But the timeline for such an update is unknown, as Brilliant needs to put its products through a certification process before it can enable Matter support.

Brilliant Home Control Panel

Brilliant's exciting Home Control panel offers integration for most major smart home brands, including ecobee, Philips Hue, Yale, and August. It also works with all major voice assistants, and it will receive a Matter update sometime in 2023.

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