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Cherry Revives the “Nixie” Style with New MX Keyboard Switch

MX Cherry Clear-top switch

Cherry is back with a mechanical switch that will surely excite some retro keyboard fans. The new Cherry MX Black Clear-Top is an all-new take on the legendary “Nixie” produced by Nixdorf keyboards in the 1980s.

Enthusiasts have many options for mechanical keyboards, but new switches can make the biggest difference to the overall experience. As many of you know, linear switches are great thanks to their smooth feel and rich acoustics. Not to mention they’re a solid option for gamers.

According to The Verge, linear Nixie switches are rare, hard to find, and often extremely expensive. As a result, Cherry decided to do everyone a favor and make its own flavor of the fan-favorite switch. These retro switches are a variant of the linear Cherry MX Black, and they’ll be released in early 2023

In a blog post, Cherry briefly talks about the history of the Nixie, then explains how its new switch will be perfect for fans everywhere. The new Cherry MX Black Clear-Tops have an operating force rate of 63.5cN, which is a bit stiffer than the regular blacks. However, it’s still a quality linear switch with an excellent 4mm travel and 2mm pre-travel.

Furthermore, Cherry states that it has optimized the design thanks to “current manufacturing processes” and materials, which sounds promising. More importantly, Cherry will sell two different variants if you’re a true die-hard. One is pre-lubricated for those who just want the experience, while it’ll also offer non-lubricated MX Black Clear-Tops for buyers who want more control over the entire build.

Now for the bad news. Unfortunately, Cherry says these won’t be available until early next year. That said, you can pre-order a 36-pack from Novelkeys for only $21, making these around 60 cents a pop.

Cherry MX Black Clear-Top Switches

Pre-order the new Cherry MX Black Clear-Tops with that “Nixie” style today.

via The Verge

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