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The Best Nightlight Projectors for Children

Boy sleeping in bed with a projector nightlight nearby

It’s important to reassure your child before they go to bed. Night time can be scary. It’s dark, silent, and far from fun. That’s where the right nightlight projector can help significantly in making bedtimes fun and safe for all ages. We’ve checked out the best nightlight projectors for your child.

Reassurance is a pretty personal thing so we’ve covered a variety of different projectors, each offering something slightly different than the last. That way, there’s something for every child. Whether they love dinosaurs, plushies, or some soothing white noise, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s our pick of the nightlight projectors currently out there.

Best For Longevity: Cloud b Twilight Turtle Nightlight ($31)

Cloud b Twilight Turtle Nightlight
Cloud b

In need of a durable nightlight projector that lasts years upon years? Buy the Cloud b Twilight Turtle Nightlight. ReviewGeek’s editor, Jason Fitzpatrick bought it 10 years ago for his daughter, and not only did it survive her childhood in nearly mint-condition, it’s still going strong.

The cute turtle works for any age group with a projection of a starry night sky onto the walls and ceiling of the child’s bedroom. There are three soothing color options, including blue, green, and amber so it creates a really nice atmosphere. A 45-minute timer ensures there’s complete darkness during a child’s deep sleep, so there’s no risk of disruption.

Best Plush Nightlight: Summer Infant Slumber Buddies Projection ($15)

Summer Infant Slumber Buddies Projection
Summer Infant

Plush nightlights shouldn’t really be placed in the cot or bed with your little one, but it’s still useful to have a nightlight projector that your child can cuddle. That way, in the daytime, you can introduce it to them, they can hug it and get to know it, before placing it in their room for the night. The extraordinarily cute Summer Infant Slumber Buddies Projection is ideal for this.

It plays 5 meditative songs and natural sounds, as well as projects a starry sky above for your child to look at. You can choose from a rhythmic light show or narrow things down to individual colors. Timing options cover 15, 30, and 45-minute intervals too, so you can tweak things appropriately depending on how quickly your child falls asleep.

Best Modern Twist: SleepyMe ($40)


SleepyMe is cute in a fairly modern looking sort of way. It’s a sleepy-looking creature that we think is a chick half covered by an eggshell. It plays 10 different melodies, with a choice of lullabies (and Somewhere Over the Rainbow), nature sounds, as well as heartbeats and white noise sounds. There’s the option to play these in sequence or on repeat.

The gadget also projects stars into the sky with a choice of three colors or a mixture of all three. It turns off automatically after 30 minutes so there’s little chance of your child being disturbed. It doesn’t look as traditionally cute as a plush based nightlight projector, but it’s ideal if aesthetics are important to you.

Most Versatile: Hontry Night Light ($27)

Hontry Night Light

Most nightlight projectors require a few batteries to work, but the Hontry Night Light is different. You can choose to power it via a mains adaptor too. That’s far easier for the parent who knows the nightlight isn’t moving anywhere but is prone to forgetting to pick up batteries at the store.

As well as that, it offers a starry sky that will appeal to both young and old alike. It’s a little more mature looking than most here, so once your kid outgrows the concept, you can always move it to the living room for some romantic mood lighting or simply to make the room look more attractive.

It comes with a lanyard too, so you can always hang it on objects rather than leave it resting on a desktop.

Best for Dinosaur Fans: KISTRA Dinosaur Star Night Lamp ($19)

KISTRA Dinosaur Star Night Lamp

Ever met a child who didn’t love dinosaurs? Me neither. Weirdly though, few nightlight projectors bear that in mind. The KISTRA Dinosaur Star Night Lamp is the exception to this rule. It projects a number of different types of images into the sky, including dinosaurs, zodiac signs, meteors, unicorns, the sea, and a birthday message. That’s pretty varied compared to the usual star based landscape we see in nightlights.

If your child is keen to see something more compelling than a calming starry sky, this is the nightlight projector for them. It also offers 6 different lighting effects, including blue, yellow, white, and a sequential or slow fade option. Plus, it’s powered via mains or USB.

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