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The Best Replacement Shower Heads for Your Bathroom

These are the best replacement shower heads on the market.

Many people rely on an invigorating shower to start their day… but you might be let down by that 20-year-old shower head. Upgrading to a new one is one of the quickest, easiest, and rental-friendly ways to improve your bathroom. Here are the best choices, depending on your needs.

Note that fixture suppliers made dozens or even hundreds of different models of shower head, based on features, metal finish, flow rate (expressed in GPM, gallons per minute), and attachment style. If the choice below doesn’t fit your shower or your décor, use the brand and the model name to do a quick search—-odds are excellent you can find something similar to fit your specific needs.

The Best Overall Shower Head: Kohler Bancroft 3-Spray Multifunction ($78)

This Kohler model will cover most buyers' needs.

For most buyers, this Kohler model will cover all the features they want and fit easily within a home improvement budget. The Kohler Bancroft 3-Spray Multifunction model does what it says on the box, with a fixed installation point and three spray settings easily chosen with a turn of the head.

It can handle plumbing pressure of up to 2.5 gallons per minute and comes in four different finishes to match the rest of your fixtures. A stainless finished and specialized spray face will keep corrosion and hard water buildup to a minimum.

Best Handheld Shower Head: Delta SureDock 7-Spray ($98)

Delta's SureDock series gives you a great conventional shower that easily goes handheld.

If you prefer a shower that you can direct precisely, the Delta SureDock is an excellent choice. It docks at the head instead of the base, allowing for a conventional shower setup with no unwieldy aiming.

When you’re ready to go handheld, pop it off the head and use the generous 72-inch hose to clean everywhere. The adjustable head includes six different spray modes (with two dedicated to deep shampoo washes), plus a “pause” button if you need to take a quick break for shaving or nailing that Meatloaf solo.

Best Budget Shower Head: Delta Faucet 2-spray Shower Head ($22)

This Delta shower head covers the basics for just a bit over twenty bucks.

For home improvement projects that need to be fast and cheap, this Delta design handles both. For just twenty-two dollars you get a no-nonsense design that still manages to have two spray settings and polymer nozzle points for low buildup and easy cleaning.

If you’re renovating, most homes can replace every shower in the place with this design in under an hour and under a hundred bucks, and it comes with the same lifetime warranty you’d get on more expensive models.

Best Waterfall Shower Head: Moen Velocity Two-Function 8-inch Rainshower ($189)

Moen's Rainfal shower head gives you wide coverage with pressure options.

“Waterfall” showers are a bit of a trend in newer homes. This Moen model gives you the low-pressure, wide-angle coverage that you’re looking for, with a simple design and silicone nozzles for easy cleaning. Though many waterfall head designs aren’t adjustable, this one is, allowing for more pressure than similarly trendy designs. The head comes in four different finishes to match other fixtures, which is probably important to you if you’re looking to modernize your bathroom.

Best High-Pressure Shower Head: Speakman Icon Ansystream Signature Brass Icon S-2252 ($68)

This shower head will practically stick you to the wall.

If you’re like me, you find it hard to wake up if your shower isn’t practically power-washing the hairs off your skin. For those who prefer a shower that can plaster you to the wall with pressure, Speakman’s Anystream series is the go-to choice. This mid-range option comes with six high-pressure nozzles and a rotating adjustment bar that’s easy to grip when wet, allowing you to dial in the pressure that you want.

It only uses a single spray pattern, unlike the other options on this list, but that’s probably not a priority if you want pressure over everything else. The Anystream series comes in a variety of styles, finishes, and GPM ratings, so look around for a similar S model that fits into your specific fixture and plumbing requirements.

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