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Garmin’s New Rugged Retro-Smartwatch Has Infinite Battery Life

The Garmin Instinct Crossover on a white background.

If you’ve been eyeing the functionality of a smartwatch for years but don’t want to give up the style of a conventional watch, Garmin’s new Instinct Crossover might be for you. This hybrid smartwatch combines the benefits of new technology with the retro fashion of an analog watch.

The Instinct Crossover has the tough construction of its predecessor retro-hybrid watch, the Garmin Instinct. It introduces analog hands and a chapter ring to create a rugged yet refined look that you can take with you on any outdoor adventure or wear to a high-class party.

And it’s not just looks that the Instinct Crossover offers. This watch also features a high-resolution digital display that gives users things like Sleep Scores, Sleep Monitoring, and Health Monitoring. You can use it to track critical health metrics like Body Battery, stress, and heart rate. The watch also features Garmin’s health tracking features such as VO Max, Pulse Ox, Fitness Age, Training Status/Load/Effect, HRV Status, and Recovery Time.

It also connects with your smartphone and syncs with the Garmin ecosystem, including Garmin Pay, Garmin Connect, and the Garmin Connect IQ store.

For people who enjoy going into the wilderness, the Instinct Crossover provides several features to keep you from getting lost. Outdoor tools include GPS tracking, Multi-GNSS support, ABC sensors, and TracBac routing. The watch even has a Tactical Edition that features night vision, stealth mode, dual-format GPS, and a kill switch.

And if you plan on wandering the backcountry for days at a time, the Instinct Crossover will stay powered up the whole time. This smartwatch comes equipped with a solar charger for “infinite battery life” while in battery saver mode. The watch can last up to 70 days without recharging in this mode.

All this functionality and style doesn’t come cheap. The starting price for the Instinct Crossover is $549. The Tactical Edition bumps the price up to $599. However, if you lose the solar charging functionality, you can pick up the Standard Edition for $499.

Garmin Instinct Crossover

Get the functionality of a rugged smartwatch with the class and style of a classical analog timepiece that lasts “forever.”

Source: Garmin via PR Newswire

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