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The Pixel Fold Looks Weird in Newly-Leaked Renders

Is this our first real look at the Pixel Fold?

A render showing the Pixel Fold's inner display and outer camera bar.
Howtoisolve, OnLeaks

Last month, a massive leak from Front Page Tech puported to show the Pixel Fold’s final design, basic specs, and pricing. Newly-leaked renders and information from OnLeaks and Howtoisolve appear to corroborate Front Page Tech‘s claims, which is reassuring. Interestingly, both parties agree on the rumored May 2023 launch date.

Update, 12/8/22: This article originally focused on a leak from Front Page Tech, which is now corroborated by OnLeaks and Howtoisolve. We’ve updated the content of this article to discuss both leaks.

The initial leak from Front Page Tech included custom renders of the Pixel Fold, which were based on official renders from “impossibly sneaky sources.” It appears that Howtoisolve and OnLeaks are going down the same path, as their renders of the Pixel Fold look nearly identical to what we saw from Front Page Tech.

If these renders are accurate, the Pixel Fold will inherit the “Robocop camera visor” from the Pixel 6 and Pixel 7. Otherwise, it looks strikingly similar to Oppo’s Find N foldable. The outer display has a beveled black border, while the inner screen is quite wide (as opposed to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, which has a relatively tall inner screen).

Journalists at Front Page Tech didn’t share much in the way of specs—they said that the Pixel Fold is heavy, 5G-compatible, and uses a side-mounted fingerprint reader. But Howtoisolve and OnLeaks appear to know a lot about this device. They claim that it runs the Tensor G2 (same as the Pixel 7), contains three rear cameras (likely wide, ultra-wide, and telephoto), and might support a stylus.

Today’s leak also includes the Pixel Fold’s dimensions. The phone may use a 7.68-inch foldable display (with a hole-punch camera in the top right bezel), plus a 5.79-inch outer display with a centered hole-punch lens. The phone measures roughly 158.7 x 139.7 x 5.7mm when in tablet mode (the camera bump is about 8.3mm thick).

But how much will it cost? Well, Front Page Tech and Howtoisolve say that the Pixel Fold will run for an eye-popping $1,799. I’d expect Google to aim a little lower, but $1,799 still isn’t much of a surprise. After all, that’s the same price you’d pay for a Galaxy Z Fold 4.

Now, I’ve reported Pixel Fold leaks since 2019 or 2020. And I suggest taking today’s leaks with a grain of salt. These leaks corroborate each other, which is exciting, but there’s no guarantee that they’re accurate. (And even if this stuff is accurate, Google could scrap or delay its foldable.)

Source: Front Page Tech

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