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Pre-Order Wyze’s Shockingly Affordable Wi-Fi 6 and 6E Routers

The white Wyze Mesh Router (Wi-Fi 6 model) on a table.

Is your router struggling to keep up with your smart home? The introduction of Wi-Fi 6 technology could resolve your problem. And starting today, you can buy a shockingly affordable mesh Wi-Fi 6 router from Wyze, a brand that knows plenty about smart homes.

If you aren’t aware, Wi-Fi 6 routers can support up to 12 subchannels (as opposed to the usual 8 subchannels). While it technically isn’t faster than the Wi-Fi 5 standard that we’re used to, it improves smart home speed and performance by reducing network congestion.

The dual-band Wyze Mesh Router clocks in at $94 plus shipping ($174 for a two-pack) and offers bandwidth up to 3Gbps (for real-world speeds of 1Gbps per router, at most). If you pair multiple Mesh Routers together, they each support 50 device connections and cover 1,500 square feet of your home. Plus, each router sports a pair of 1Gbps Ethernet jacks, and you can wire these routers together (Ethernet backhaul) for more consistent speeds across your home.

Wyze is also introducing the Mesh Router Pro for $174 plus shipping ($274 for a two-pack). It uses advanced Wi-Fi 6E technology for increased bandwidth and speed—Wyze Mesh Router Pro supports 5.4Gbps Wi-Fi bandwidth with maximum real-world speeds of 2.5Gbps per router. Each Pro router has a 2,000 square-foot range and supports up to 75 devices at a time.

Interestingly, these Pro routers also sport an upgraded port selection. You get a 2.5Gbps Ethernet jack, plus a 1Gbps jack and a USB port.

Now, I have a small concern here. Earlier this year, Bitdefender shared information on three Wyze Cam security vulnerabilities, which Wyze knowingly failed to patch for several years. The idea of installing a Wyze router in my home doesn’t sound very appealing, at least, not until this company can prove that it’s taking security seriously.

Wyze claims that its Mesh Routers are secured by Firedome, an “advanced security software that protects every device” connected to your home internet. Firedome is based in New York and works with a handful of IoT companies, but I can’t vouch for its services, as I’ve never heard of it before.

Anyway, the Wyze Mesh Router and Mesh Router Pro are available for pre-order today. Wyze’s pricing is pretty competitive here—the Mesh Router is slightly more expensive than Amazon Eero’s Wi-Fi 6 router, for example, but it also advertises faster speeds.

Wyze Mesh Router

Expand your smart home’s capabilities with Wyze’s Mesh Router. It supports Wi-Fi 6 and can pair with other Wyze routers to increase your home internet’s range.

Wyze Mesh Router Pro

If you’re willing to pay up, the Wyze Mesh Router Pro offers Wi-Fi 6E connectivity for increased networking bandwidth.

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