Gamer Alert: Grab a Nintendo Switch Dock Set for $65

The Nintendo Switch dock

You can take the Nintendo Switch anywhere, but it’s best on the big screen. Luckily, Amazon is offering Switch docks at a discount, so you can install a Switch dock in every room of your house.

Right now, Amazon is selling the Nintendo Switch Dock Set for just $65. That may sound like a lot of money, but this set usually costs $90. (If you’re asking yourself if it’s worth paying the Nintendo-first-party premium tax for this, consider the console-bricking issues some Switch owners have had with third-party docks).

With this set, you get a Nintendo Switch dock (duh), an HDMI cable, and a power brick. Yes, this set is identical to the set that comes with the Nintendo Switch console.

This is a great opportunity to grab a Nintendo Switch dock for an extra TV in your house. Imagine, you could start playing the Switch on the 40″ TV in your bedroom, and move to the 60″ in the living room when you want a change of atmosphere.

If you’re interested in buying some extra Switch docks, do it soon. Good deals like this tend to get scooped up by gamers. But don’t worry, you can always grab a stand and play with the Switch’s puny screen like its a TV.

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