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Apple Makes Securing Your iPhone and Mac Less of a Hassle

Rapid Security Response patches security holes automatically.

Person holding an updating iPhone with a MacBook in the background.

Long-time Apple users know the pain of hearing, “stop what you’re doing and update iOS right now!” Usually, we hear this because the company discovered some massive security flaw and released an emergency iOS or macOS update to patch it. And the process of updating your whole operating system is sometimes a pain.

What’s worse is that you often don’t hear about security issues because you have other things to think about in life than your phone or computer. No more. One of the little-known features of iOS 16 and macOS Ventura is Rapid Security Response. It’s turned on by default and allows Apple to automatically send out security patches to your devices without requiring a full OS update. And one of the best parts is that it doesn’t even need you to restart your device to install the security patch.

Automatic updates setting screen on an iPhone.

Previously, you had to dig into your settings and tap or click several times to request to update your OS, then wait for the update package to arrive, (which could take minutes, hours, or days), download the update, install it, then restart your device. This process was somewhat alleviated if you had automatic updates turned on. But when you hear about a security flaw and an emergency OS update, you don’t want to take any chances. And it’s often very easy just to click “try later” when the auto-update prompt pops up, and you forget.

So, if you haven’t updated your Apple device to the latest operating system version yet, take some time to do it today (iOS, macOS). And you can say goodbye to the flash of panic that you get when a friend texts you about the inevitable next security flaw.

Source: Lifewire

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