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Eve’s Smart HomeKit Devices Get a Huge Discount for Black Friday


Setting up a smart home doesn’t have to be expensive, and it’s even cheaper during sale periods. Even if your basic setup is in place, Black Friday is a great opportunity to expand your smart home and add a few more devices. These deals from Eve might be all you need to make your smart home smarter.

Note: This deal ends November 28th.

Here are the deals:

Although the Matter standard for smart homes means things like this will “matter” less in future, Eve’s products proudly boast about their compatibility with Apple HomeKit and may be the obvious choice for Apple fans. Eve’s products, including the ones on this list, also use Thread, which should improve the connectivity of smart devices throughout your home.

For smart home users who are just getting started, the Eve Button, which lets you quickly trigger other devices or routines, is a good pick. The Eve Energy Strip is also a solid choice, as it essentially turns anything you plug into it into a “smart device.” If you’re looking to bulk up your home security, an Eve Cam or Outdoor Cam could be what you’re looking for. For the well established smart home enthusiast, consider the Eve Aqua which allows you to go beyond the home and embrace the smart garden.

Eve Button

A programmable button capable of controlling other smart devices in your home.

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