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Tesla’s Most-Requested App Shows up in the Oddest Place

A Tesla Model 3 driving through a winter road.

Telsa takes a different approach to bringing your favorite music streaming services into its vehicles than the rest of the car industry. Rather than using platforms like Apple Carplay and Android Auto, the electric automaker creates native Tesla apps for services like Spotify, Tidal, and soon, Apple Music.

The electric automaker hasn’t announced the music-streaming behemoth coming to your EV dashboard. Instead, a fully functioning Apple Music app was spotted in a Tesla on display at the Petersen Museum. An eagle-eyed attendee to the car museum posted images of the native application on Reddit, Electrek reports.

The Apple Music app is not currently available to Tesla owners. But since it’s running on the company’s internal vehicles, it’s a fair bet that the music streamer will be part of Tesla’s upcoming holiday update.

The app’s appearance was a huge relief to many Reddit users that have been waiting patiently to listen to Apple Music in their EVs. Comments on the post include, “This is going to be the most refreshing addition in a long time,” “holy s**t I’m about to cry. It only took 4 years,” “What a day to be alive!,” “This post is going to break this sub. Lol. Has been the most requested update for years.”

Source: Electrek, Reddit

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