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Save Hundreds on Growatt’s Portable Solar Power Station

Growatt Infinity 1500 Blackout Graphic

Growatt, a leading manufacturer of residential solar energy solutions, recently released the INFINITY 1500 portable power station. To commemorate its launch, Growatt is offering up to $859.85 off the 1512Wh lightweight solar generator. The INFINITY 1500 sale price starts at $1,244.15 ($454.85 off) with a stacked in-Amazon coupon and additional 15% discount when the code GRTBFCM15 is used at checkout. The portable charger can also be purchased with a 100W or 200W portable solar panel for even more savings.

Established in 2011, Growatt has provided clean energy solutions to over 3 millions single users and family households around the world with its advanced energy storage and solar charging technology. The INFINITY 1500 is the company’s latest innovation, and it’s a versatile portable unit capable of rapid AC or solar charging. Growatt’s R&D team developed the INFINITY 1500 to expand the product line into mobile power supply solutions, primarily for emergency situations and outdoor use.

Woman plugging in a Growatt Infinity 1500 into a wall outlet

The new charger can be rapidly charged through an AC input or portable solar panel (sold separately), making it ideal for camping, road trips, vans, and general outdoor travel. Using the 800W solar input, the INFINITY 1500 will reach its 1512Wh capacity in a super-fast 2.5 hours. Once charged, the portable power station can output up to 2,000W from any of its 12 outlets or integrated wireless charging pad. Growatt has spent 11 years crafting advanced solar solutions, and the INFINITY 1500 was designed to be compatible with a wide solar voltage range and a number of different panels. The portable charger is also equipped with an MPPT controller to increase efficiency to 99% and reduce energy loss.

In the event of an emergency, the INFINITY 1500 supports Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to ensure the essentials remain powered on, especially during times of grid instability. The unit features less than a 20ms switchover to keep critical medical and network equipment running, even during total power loss. Residents in regions prone to natural disasters can keep the portable power station handy to maximize safety and comfort during hurricanes, tornadoes, or heavy snowfall. The myGro app (Android, iOS) provides direct smart control over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to remotely monitor and control usage and conserve energy when possible. Using the app increases efficiency and replaces having to read the dimly lit display when it’s bright outside.

Man setting up the solar panel on a Growatt Infinity 1500

The INFINITY 1500 is a powerful charging station with a lot to offer users. Its solar charging and UPS features are invaluable to off-road travel and during emergency situations. At up to $859.85 in savings, now is the ideal time to purchase the INFINITY 1500 portable power station from a notable brand in solar and energy storage solutions.

Growatt INFINITY 1500

The INFINITY 1500 is a powerful charging station with a lot to offer users. Its solar charging and UPS features are invaluable to off-road travel and during emergency situations.

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