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Expand Your LEGO Collection With These Black Friday Deals

Someone stacking two sections of the LEGO Eiffel Tower together.

LEGO has long been a favorite of kids and adults alike, but the famous construction sets have a big downside—they’re incredibly expensive. Luckily it’s Black Friday, so you can get a bit more bang for your buck when buying bricks.

This year, LEGO seems to have gone beyond simple discounts and opted to offer free gifts and bundles instead. Some of the deals are online only, while others require you to head to a store.


If you’re splashing out on the adolescent-sized LEGO Eiffel Tower, you’ll get a diorama of Eiffel’s Apartment free of charge. The apartment even includes a tiny version of the tower, if you’re still eager for more after putting all 10,001 pieces of the main kit together.

Customers who spend $250, which is easy enough to do when you’re buying LEGO, will get the Tribute to LEGO House (40563) thrown in for free. If your budget is slightly lower, you can get a complimentary Winter Elves Scene (40564) with a $170 spend. Spending $40 will snag you the LEGO Creator Santa Claus (30580)—but only if you spend that money in store.

There is also an “online only” bonus available on Cyber Monday. VIP members who spend $200 or more will get a Drawstring Brick Bag, which should help them keep their expensive brick collections all together. The drawstring bag isn’t the only item available to VIP members. You can also save 75% on discount vouchers, which help you save real-world money on new LEGO sets.

Items like the 1964 Retro Key Chain, Eiffel Tower Postcard & Stickers, and Pirate Adventure Ride are available for people who want to redeem their points in the VIP Rewards Center. For those who don’t have enough VIP points, certain items including the Hogwarts Express: Collectors’ Edition, Ferrari Daytona, and The Batman: Batmobile will give you five times the usual amount of VIP points.

Source: LEGO

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