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Those Giant Car Bows Are Totally Real and You Can Buy One

You can buy one for a car, jet, house, or even a castle.

Lexus December to Remember car bow commercial

We can all agree that those Lexus “December to remember” TV car commercials around Christmas are obnoxious and ridiculous, but did you know you can actually buy those giant car bows?

You know what I’m talking about. That happily-in-love couple enjoys Christmas morning with their cute children wearing matching PJs. Then, the husband, in his Calvin Klein turtle-neck sweater and scarf, takes the family outside their gorgeous home to an expensive new Lexus or Mercedes-Benz SUV. One with a huge red bow on it. Surprise!

It’s a wild idea, but I know you want one of those big red gift bows. Plus, they’re useful for more than just a new car. So, here’s what to know and where to buy one.

How the Giant Car Bow Trend Started

It all started in 1999 when Lexus launched its first “December to Remember” sales event. The goal was the differentiate its exciting vehicles from the competition. And to this day, it is still going with the same videos. Each year around the holidays, you’ll see these warm and fuzzy commercials pop up on TV. The company even celebrated 20 years of the commercial back in 2019. And we’re already seeing new ones for the 2022 holiday season.

The idea of a significant other secretly spending $50,000+ on a new car, trading in the old one without the other knowing about it (let alone talking it over first), is obviously crazy. These are commercials, after all, and there’s a reason people hate them.

Then it got even worse over the years, with other brands like GMC and Hyundai getting in on the fun. Like GMC’s unpopular “One for me, one for you” commercials. Yes, it’s totally feasible to buy two brand-new vehicles as a complete surprise. Right? Now that dude has over $100,000 in loans and didn’t even get the truck he wanted.

All jokes aside, giant bows are a great way to spruce up the holiday season, whether on a new (or used) car for a family member or even as a front door decoration. The ideas are endless.

You Can Get One For a House, Too

Giant bow wrapped around a house for the holidays.
Giant Bows

Why stop at a new car? You can get these giant bows for a new house, a front door decoration, or even a new private Jet, which sounds like something Elon Musk would do. One site sells a bow and ribbon big enough to wrap around a castle.

These giant Christmas bows have a bad reputation from car commercials, but putting one on a new swingset, trampoline, or even an electric bike for a gift would be pretty awesome.

You can buy giant bows made from your typical ribbon material, PVC, and some even attach with magnets. That way, a snowy winter storm won’t blow it away. Whatever you plan on giving for Christmas, make sure it has a bow. Studies even show that gifts wrapped in wrapping paper and a bow are better received and deliver more satisfaction to the receiver.

Where to Buy Giant Car Bows?

christmas bow image.

Now that you’re sold on the idea of getting a giant bow to put on a new car for Christmas, a bike, a puppy, your front door, or even an entire house, where do you buy one?

It turns out they’re readily available from all of our favorite retailers. You can find car bows in all shapes and sizes at Walmart, Amazon sells them too, but be prepared to assemble and shape the bow once it arrives. Furthermore, several companies specialize in big car bows.

If you’re looking to recreate the iconic Lexus commercial, the automaker worked with a California company named King Sizes Bows for its TV spots. King Sized Bows offers over a dozen styles in multiple colors, and you can get a bow in any size imaginable.

Another option is the Car Bow Store, which offers car bows similar to what you’ll see at a nearby dealership. They aren’t as big or glamorous, but you’ll be able to customize the size, add writing to the ribbon, or choose more than one color on the bow. Or, grab one on Amazon from the link below.

What to Do With the Bow After Christmas

giant bow on a Christmas tree.

After the big unveiling and you surprise a significant other with a shiny new car or EV on Christmas, you’re probably wondering what to do with that giant bow. They’ll instantly want to take the car for a drive, so the bow must go elsewhere.

You could put that giant bow on your Christmas tree until it’s time to take it down, which adds some fun flair to your decorations. Or, throw it on your front door to keep the festive spirit going. Another option is to throw it on your dog for fun, wrap your garbage bin, or even attach it to the garage to make your entire house look like a gift.

Or, put that oversized bow on a gift to a friend or family member and let it be their problem.

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