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Apple Will Replace Your Old Battery, Whether It’s Failing Or Not

In response to the revelation that Apple was slowing down older phones with unreliable batteries to prevent shutdowns, Apple offered $29 battery replacements to aid aging phones. Now, the company has revealed that it will offer this discounted upgrade even if your battery isn’t failing just yet.

A normal battery replacement costs $79 from Apple, so this offer constitutes a $50 discount. However, Apple usually performs a diagnostic test to see if your phone can hold 80% of its original capacity after 500 complete charge cycles. Apple has since clarified that users will not need to pass this test to qualify for the discounted battery service. In addition, if you’ve recently paid the full $79 for a battery replacement, you can talk to Apple to get a refund for the extra $50.

If you have an iPhone 6 or later, you can head down to your nearest Apple store or head to this support page to request a battery replacement online. It’s preferable to schedule a Genius Bar appointment at an Apple store, since mailing in your phone will mean living without your iPhone for a while, but no matter what you should be able to get your battery upgraded for relatively cheap. Even if your phone isn’t quite showing signs of aging yet, it’s a worthy upgrade to give your phone a longer life.

Source: MacRumors via The Verge

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